At BIG IDEA, we offer your child a chance to spend two weeks of summer at one of our summer camps in Israel and expand their horizons while experiencing new and exciting ways to enrich their knowledge and build their character. So, what is the difference between our camps and a regular day camp?

A Jewish Camp in Israel Unlike Any Other

Jewish camp in Israel

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Basically, there are two main choices when it comes to picking the right summer camp for your children – you can have them go to a local day camp, or you can send them to sleep away camps, such as ours. Day camp may seem like the most convenient option given the fact that your child will come home every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is indeed what’s best for them.

With BIG IDEA’s summer programs in Israel your child will get the chance to meet Jewish kids from Jewish communities from all over the world, including Israel. They will get to explore new cultures while developing their social skills and experiencing Israel’s unique atmosphere, both as the Jewish country and as the world’s leading start-up nation.

Big Idea Jewish camps

Israeli Summer Camps for Explorers!

BIG IDEA’s summer camps in Israel offer your children the opportunity to open their mind to new things – each in their field of interest – as they can choose from technological, art, and media programs. At our camps, we make sure your children will not only develop their social skills while connecting to the Jewish tradition, but also develop their future prospects and profession especially with our unique technological program – from robotics to computers to even designing their very own computer game! By the end of these two weeks, you’ll find your child had the chance to expand their knowledge and possibilities while enjoying a once in a lifetime experience.


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