BIG IDEA activities in Israel are located in 2 beautiful locations:

Meir Shfeya Youth Village

2 weeks sessions
The BIG IDEA summer camp is located in the Meir Shfeya Youth Village (near Caesarea), about an hour drive north of Tel Aviv: an evergreen campus on Mount Carmel with the newest computer labs, sports courts, a magnificent swimming pool and beautiful lawns.

The moment you’ll arrive at the BIG IDEA camp, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. Everything you need for a perfect summer in Israel is already there: an entertainment hall, a basketball court, elegant dorms and great scenery.

Photo gallery of BIG IDEA Meir Shfeya:

Neve Hadassah Youth Village

1 week sessions
Neve Hadassah Youth Village is located in the beautiful Sharon plain, in the center of Israel. It is the perfect place to squeeze the BIG IDEA amazing experience to one-week sessions!
In addition to the upscale computer labs, the village also hosts a greenhouse, magnificent swimming pool, beautiful lawns and nature for outdoor fun. The facilities are perfect for all the unique activities you are going to do at camp. The camp in Neve Haddasha is perfect for children in the ages 8-15.
The moment you set foot in the BIG IDEA village, you’ll know you are in the right place.

Photo gallery of BIG IDEA Neve Hadassah:


After all the non-stop activities you will go through during the day, it is nice to relax in the evening at the comfortable dorms. Each suite has 2 bedrooms, an entry hall and private bathroom and showers. Each room is also equipped with an AC unit.

There are 3-6 campers staying in each room, all from the same age group. We mix our Israeli and international campers together, so you will have the chance to meet new friends from Israel and practice your English or Hebrew with them. Boys and girls live in separate dorms. During the day, while campers participate in their regular activities, the dorm buildings are locked.

There are always counselors supervising the dorms. Each floor has a staff room, available for campers 24 hours a day. In the evenings, during shower time, the counselors visit the rooms and lead fun games and activities, that help the campers get to know their new friends and feel more comfortable with each other.


At the workshops you’ll find advanced computer labs that will make you want to create, invent and design new and cool projects. Each camper works on his/her own computer station with a new and powerful PC or MAC and professional software. When you stroll around the lab area, you can also find a music studio, robotics lab and a movie production studio, where the workshops are led by professional counselors in small and personal groups.

The Console Zone is one of the most awesome places in camp. Imagine a room with giant LED screens and the most exciting game consoles there are – Xbox, Playstation, Wii and many more. You don’t need to imagine no more – just come and visit the Console Zone!

In addition to the lab area, there are many places in camp for recreation and sports. You can enjoy yourselves at the swimming pool or the basketball court, visit the auditorium for all the special shows and presentations or relax on the beautiful green lawns.



Our Shabbat service starts on Friday afternoon (before sundown) with a pluralistic service, including new songs and old prayers. After the camp-wide service, we offer an option of an Orthodox service at the synagogue we have on Campus. Our religious counselors and campers are leading the prayers.

All the food at camp is Kosher, under the supervision of the Local Rabbinical Association.



Sleeping away from home for 2 weeks in a camp in Israel is always a special experience. Phones are not allowed on camp! During the summer, campers keep in touch with their parents and update them about their experiences and the fun they’re having in camp. Our office staff will update you about the special time in the daily schedule the campers will have to contact home.

Every day we post photos and videos from camp on our Facebook page and the office staff is always available for any of your questions.


We act according to the the most rigorous safety standards in order to ensure our campers’ security and safety. Both the camp and the youth village are operating under the supervision of the Israeli education ministry.

Security – the Meir Shfeya Youth Village and the Neve Hadassah Youth Village are fenced and secured 24 hours a day. A security guard is present at the village gate at all times and another guard patrols the campus on a regular basis.

Camp Medic – A certified medic is located at camp at all times for campers who needs his attention.

Staff orientation – Our counselors and head staff go through a long and detailed orientation about maintaining a high safety level during the the daily activities and how to operate in case of an emergency.



At the camp’s dining hall you can enjoy fine meals. The dining hall is air-conditioned and the food is served in a buffet style with variety of dishes. All food is Kosher under the supervision of the regional rabbinical association.



We would love to help you and make your child’s traveling arrangements to Israel as simple as possible. The pick-up service we offer starts when you get off the plane. Our representative will meet you before passport control and will escort you through baggage claim and custom. A taxi driver will meet you at the arrival hall and drive you to the BIG IDEA village to start your summer adventure. Drop-off service is also available.


Meir Shfeya is located on highway 70, near Zichron Yaakov, about 45 minutes north of Tel Aviv and 25 minutes south to Haifa. Write Meir Shfeya in your GPS and follow the instructions.

Neve Hadassah is located in the Sharon plain, next to highway 4. About 30 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. Write 'Neve Hadassah' in your GPS and follow the instructions.