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BIG News Team

Workshop General Info

Is curiosity your middle name? Do you want to reveal all of the camp’s secrets? Join BIG NEWS team! Learn and explore the world of journalism and communications for the first time in BIG IDEA!. What’s my story? Should I write it or maybe film it? Who will be interested it hear about it? In the workshop, we’ll find out. Your skills will be put to task to write, film and produce. Thanks to us no one in camp will miss what’s going on. The workshop is limited to returning campers in the MB and GB groups.

#Bignews #Press #News

How It Feels Like:

Workshop Includes

  1. Experience the world of media
  2. Become the camp’s reporter - write or use video
  3. Use you graphic design, video editing or any other skill that you already have
  4. Be a part of the camp’s main event coverage
  5. Uncover the secrets of BIG IDEA and tell everybody about them


  1. To be in this workshop you need to be at least in your second year in BIG IDEA, and if you know anything in video editing or graphic design - awesome!

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