• Train for a career in Hi-Tech
• Make an impact
• Live your dream in Israel 5 to 9 month.

Special discount of $350 available until May 31.

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Develop your career in hi-tech,build your resume while interning at top Israeli tech companies and startups and get inspired by Israeli entrepreneurs. Professional app developer course will give you the skills and knowledge to success.

Mix it up with trips, Hebrew learning, volunteering, and amazing social life, and you’ll get a once in a lifetime experience.


  • Live at a home away from home for 5 months.
  • Boost your independence and broaden your horizons.
  • Meet incredible people from around the world.
  • All is taking care of – furnished apartments, scheduled programs.
  • Connect to Israel and strengthen your Jewish identity.


  • The only tech gap year in Israel.
  • Professional certificate in mobile and web app development.
  • Gain work experience as an intern at tech companies.
  • Meet fascinating entrepreneurs and high tech developers.

israel gap year technologies programs

Get Trained for a Profession in Hi-Tech

Get the skills to lead the future.

We accept only the exceptional. Motivated young adults with great potential in the hi-tech industry will be chosen. The participants will have to pass a personal interview, and technological ability test.

Four month of Mobile and Web Applications developing Course will provide you knowledge and skills on developing Web applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio. Study Microsoft Official Course, 20480B: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Validate your Hi-tech skills and knowledge and distinguish yourself with the credential.

The course is led by Ness College, a leading Israeli institute for professional Hi-tech training center with an advanced technological environment. The college offers studies throughout the country in Collaboration with companies such as: IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

After completing the course, you will be able to take an exam and become certified by Microsoft. Click here to see the course syllabus.

Ness website: https://www.ness-college.co.il/

Invent the technologies of the future – Work on your final semester project in a hub together with your peers.

A unique window into Israel’s Startup nation through meetings with top Israelis entrepreneurs and hi-tech industry professionals. An essential part of the educational program is inspiring presentations and workshops by key members of the Israeli tech industry. During the program you will also meet with: Eran Lasser, Ziv Ofek, Prof. Niv Ahitov, Uzi Navon and more.

What better place to make your first steps in the hi-tech industry than where the most creative ideas in world came from – Israel!

Make a social change at the CDI Negev. Take initiative and develop tech solutions for issues in your community. Use your knowledge and skills to make an impact on people’s lives.

Gain Hands-on experience in two month long internship at CDI in collaboration with leading tech companies in Be’er Sheva. The Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) is a leading-edge, non-profit innovation center, created through the collaborative efforts of Israel’s top entrepreneurs and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Meet entrepreneurs, professionals, subject matter experts, industry leaders, citizens, government agencies and be a part of the world’s unique innovation playground Digital Health Lab.

Read more: http://cdi-negev.com/

israel gap year

Live Your Dream in Israel

Connect to Israel’s past and future

Once a week you will leave your everyday routine in order to get to know the Israeli society, culture and Hi-Tech industry!

Explore the startup nation

Explore the startup nation

Visit startups and world known international Hi-tech companies, and see the new inventions before everyone talks about it

Make new Israeli friends

Make new Israeli friends

Live in students neighborhood and get to know your community

Weekly field trips all around Israel

Weekly field trips all around Israel

Explore cities, nature and amazing landmarks

Get a deeper look on the Israeli society

Get a deeper look on the Israeli society

Learn about minorities, coexistence and diversity

Program aspects

  • Live in a fully furnished apartment.
  • The Housing is in multiple apartments in Be’er Sheva.
  • You will stay in a 2-4 bedroom apartments with a separate kitchen, bedroom and living room, each accommodating 4 up to 7 roommates.
  • There will be WIFI access throughout the apartment.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with all major appliances, table and chairs, and kosher cutlery and cookware.

During the program you will learn how to live independently, how to live with other people and grow individually as a person. Cook, clean and live together with your roommates, who will soon gets your family away from home.


Living 5 month in Israel sure has its benefits.

Once a week there will be an educational group mitting with focus on group bonding and a lot of fun.  

Participants will also enjoy Be’er Sheva’s vibrant nightlife: clubs, restaurants and many fun activities.

In Ulpan (Hebrew) classes you will learn how to speak, read and write.

With your new Hebrew skills you will be able to communicate with Israelis and become a part of the Israeli society. Also, it will give you the platform to enter to the Israeli industry.

There are several levels of Ulpan. The Ulpan classes are fitted for advanced Hebrew speakers as well as people who are learning for the first time.

The safety and security of BIG IDEA Gap Year participants is our top priority.

  • We have strict standards for safety and security. Our staff is highly experienced in long term programs in Israel and available for the participants 24/7.
  • The gap year program in Israel is approved by: MASA Israel journey, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Government of Israel.
  • We are in constant contact with the appropriate Israeli security/public safety authorities.
  • Our program is approved daily with the “situation room” administered by the Israeli Ministry of Education, Military, and Police.
  • In any change in the security situation in israel, participants and their families will be briefed.

Health insurance is provided throughout the stay in Israel from the day of arrival until the last day of the program. Harel insurance company is the leading provider of a wide range of health insurance programs in Israel. Doctors affiliated with the Harel plan are located throughout Israel, and participants can easily schedule an appointment. The policy does not cover pre-existing conditions with the exception of Diabetes, Asthma and allergies (if the participant was treated and was under stable conditions during six months prior to the trip, doctor’s proof will be required).

In any case at all time, participants can consult with the program staff.

  • Further details regarding health coverage will be provided.

  • Participants are required to have additional personal medical coverage for the duration of the program.


App. Developer Course  /  Evening group activity


Ulpan (Hebrew learning) / App. Developer Course / Project time Free Evening


Day tour/ career seminars/ explore start-up nation/ Volunteering day


Uplan+ App Dev. Course/ Apartment meetings


App. Developer Course or internship/ Free evening


Free weekend

Be’er Sheva – World’s Cybertech Capital

Be’er Sheva is in the midst of a development boom. The high-tech park established attracts technology companies from around the world and Israel’s national cyber headquarters has moved on-site as well. In a study by the renowned American university, Brandeis, Be’er-Sheva was chosen as the city of the future for high-tech industries in the world. As a matter of fact, according to Forbs magazine Be’er Sheva is the A New Silicon Valley In The Middle East.

According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “Be’er- Sheva will not only be the cyber capital of Israel but one of the most important places in the cyber security field in the world” 

Ben Gurion University located at Be’er Sheva, attracting 30,000 students, including 8,000 undergraduates in the fields of engineering, the highest rate of students studing engineering in the entire country. The city benefit from a thriving and developing university and is well known as number one student city in Israel. In the city you will find arts and culture,and thanks to the many student you will enjoy also its amazing night life.

Be a part of the cyber ecosystem. Live next to the Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park, including companies such as: DELL, Oracle, Pay Pal, WIX, JVP Cyber labs and many more!

study abroad israel

BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS – Internship in Hi-Tech

BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS is a five-month internship extension program. Use your knowledge in developing mobile and web application and gain more hands-on work experience.

Be a part of the Israeli hi-tech industry, intern in Israeli Hi-tech company. Travel and explore Israel, work on your hebrew and live independently with your friends.

Participants who sign up for BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS will participate on the 5 month gap year program in Be’er Sheva and then continue for another 5 month internship program extension in Tel Aviv or Be’er Sheva.


  • Gain work experience from the StartUp nation.
  • Use your profession in mobile and web app development.
  • Work next to Israeli hi-tech developers and incredible entrepreneurs.
  • Be a part of the Israeli StartUp nation scene.
  • Extend your journey away from home.
  • Live with your close friends for another five month.
  • Strengthen your connection to Israel.
  • All is taken care of – furnished apartments, scheduled programs.

BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS is a great opportunity for those who wish to stay in Israel and be a part of a structured program where all is taken care of, with the guidance of our professional and supporting staff.

study abroad in israel

Application Process

The goal is to accept all people that meet the acceptance criteria. Those who are able to succeed in the technological course and can be independent for five month away from home.

Step 1: Paying $200 application fee.

Step 2: Ability test

The ability test is a measure of the basic capacity to understand technological materials and it identifies the ability to solve problems from first principles. The test is suitable for all levels of ability and takes 60 minutes to complete.

Step 3: Personal interview

Step 4: Documents

  • An official high school transcript
  • An autobiographical essay
  • A letter of recommendation

Dates and Costs

Fall semester: September 4, 2017 – February 5, 2018
Spring semester: February 19, 2018 – July 23, 2018

You are about to make the most amazing decision of your life- The first step in your  successful career in the Israeli Hi-tech industry


Special discount of $350 available until May 31.
$200 application fee + $13,750 for full tuition!
Extra $200 discount for MASA grant
$1000 scholarship for BIG IDEA Israel Summer Camp alumni.

Spring semester special discount of $1,000 until June 30 

Price includes:

Mobile and web app developer course, accommodation, local bus pass, Hebrew Ulpan, weekly field trips, overnight trips, insurance, educational and professional seminars, Aliya support, available 24/7 staff! Price also includes preparation seminar on May at New York area (transportation not included)
Price does not include- flights and personal expenses

What is the payment schedule?
$200 application fee* paid upon submission of your application to BIG IDEA Gap Year.  

This fee is a part of the tuition payment. In case of not passing the ability test or the personal interview $100 will be refunded.

After passing the ability test, an initial first tuition payment of $2000 is due. Full payment plan will be send via email.

What about scholarships?
MASA is an organization funded by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the government of Israel to help fund people who want to go on Israel programs. On their website there is a list of all eligible programs: http://www.masaisrael.org/

Community Sources:

Your Local Synagogue
Synagogues often set aside funds for young adults and/or travel to Israel. For a list of synagogues in your area, visit www.jewishfederations.org

Your Local Jewish Federation
Contact local Jewish Organizations. Even if your Federation is not listed on the list provided, it is worthwhile to contact the Jewish Federation in your community.  www.jewishfederations.org

We encourage you to search an and contact these funding sources early, as deadlines do exist.

Considering Aliyah?

Israeli Track – Making Aliyah, Joining the Army

Garin Lotem is a new exciting initiative of BIG IDEA with the IDF elite computer unite (Tikshuv force) together with Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Garin Lotem is for young Jewish Americans who choose to serve in the IDF and wish to be placed in a the elite computer unite, and have their first footstep in the Hi-tech Israeli industry.

Garin Lotem offers a group framework, support and guidance for lone soldiers. Their first five month in Israel will be focusing on a professional tech training, Hebrew learning, gaining living experience in Be’er Sheva and getting to know the group that soon will be their new family in Israel. The program offers mental, emotional and constant guidance that will ensure an easy adjustment to the Israeli society.

How does it work in few steps?


  • A preparation seminar will be held in New York area in May.
  • Get to know your group of friends that soon will become your family
  • Learn about the Aliya process
  • Meet a representative from the IDF computer unite
  • Hear about the Israeli society and relevant current events
  • Start your process of becoming a soldier

BIG IDEA program

  • Get a professional certificate in a mobile and web app development
  • Gain work experience as an intern at tech companies
  • Live with your friends in your own apartment
  • Become a part of the Israeli society
  • Learn hebrew
  • Carry on with your process of joining the army


One month long of intensive Ulpan to ensure you get to a fluent level of Hebrew ( a basic conditions for joining the army)

Army Service at the elite computer unite of the IDF

  • Join the army to the elite computer unite.
  • Training to the specific position you intended based on your capabilities :
    • Programing
    • QA
    • IT
  • Recognized as a lone soldier- get all of the benefits
  • Get all of the needed support from the staff
  • Live with your friends, meet them for social


BIG IDEA Educational projects Ltd. has been creating meaningful experiences for kids and teens for the past 10 years, mixing technology, digital arts Israel programs and social bonding.

More than 5,000 participants have become a part of our vibrant community, which keeps growing every year.

Our team strives to positively affect children’s lives through innovative methods of informal education. We proudly serve families from all backgrounds in Israel, the Jewish diaspora, and others.

Our Educational Guidelines:

  • Innovation and creativity
  •  Mutual respect and tolerance
  • Israel and the Start-Up nation
  • Leadership and impact

Among our programs:

  • BIG IDEA international tech summer camps in Israel
  • BIG IDEA @ the JCC- Israeli tech day and overnight camps in north America.
  • FunZone- tech day camps in Israel.
  • CyberCamp- cyber security training camp
  • StartUp nation experience- Israel teen trips  

Your summer in Israel starts here >>

Meet the staff

Yael Sahar Rubinstein, Director of BIG IDEA GAP YEAR program

Yael Sahar Rubinstein was born and raised in Ra’anana, a small town in the center of Israel and she currently lives in Giva’atayim. Yael is married and lives with her husband Doron ,their son Zohar and their dog Fistuk. In her youth, she was involved in the Israeli Scouts and before joining the army took a gap year volunteering with youth in a small neighborhood in Jerusalem. She served in the IDF as a Social Counselor and right after finishing her service, she returned to the Israeli Scouts as an Education Coordinator. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with a MA in Education. Yael worked for Young Judaea in the last 4 years as the Director of Amirim and Onward Israel summer programs, and as the Bat Yam City coordinator for Year Course gap year program.

A few words for the parents

*Personal group coordinator will follow

Dotan Tamir, Founder and CEO 

Dotan created eCamp in 2007 and later created BIG IDEA. The idea formed after his experience in leading technological summer camps in the USA. Before he started the first Jewish tech camp in Israel, Dotan served in a special tech unit in the IDF and worked in an Israeli start-up.

Erez Roll, Chairman

Erez holds an Executive MBA in Business Management from TAU. Erez is a board member in many Non-Profit Organizations such as “Variety”, and “Nahar-Hayrden-Youth-Village”. He is also a Business Mentor in IVN . In 1986, Erez founded “Lafayette” a Private Company Which imported many new kids and teen brands to the Israeli market (such as “Loony Toons”, “Disney”, “TMNT”, “Spider man” and more). With a lot of experience in marketing and branding for teens, Erez established the first commercial website for kids in Israel – “Cool toys”.  Before creating BIG IDEA camps, Erez founded IN 2003, the first Israeli Summer Camp in Israel for Jewish teens from Israel and​ the Diaspora.​

Nir Gad, VP

Nir has experience of 12 year in international summer camps in Israel and in the USA in a variety of roles, and in eCamp since 2010. Nir also served as the Jewish Agency Shaliach at the Jewish Federation of Kansas City. He have a BA in management in behavioral science from Ben Gurion University.

Eran Lasser, Senior Technical Training Advisor

Eran is a former commander in Mamram the IDF’s IT & Cyber Academy. In 1994, Eran established the successful Israeli private IT college- John Bryce Training that within 5 years from establishment dominate the Israeli market. Later on, he founded John Bryce in Hungary, Turkey and in China. Eran was a prestige member of the worldwide Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council for training and learning. Today, he is the Executive Chairman of Extreme Group, and an Early Investor and Senior Advisor for Israeli hi-tech investments in Synergy China Funds. Eran is one of the famous “faces” of Israeli well known “start-up nation”. Eran hold BSC in Computer and Mathematics from Bar Ilan University, and Graduate of the IDF IT training programming track, with 7 years of Military Service.