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This is your opportunity to Design your future

Develop your career in hi-tech by building your resume with BIG IDEA! You will intern at top Israeli hi-tech companies and Startups. Get inspired by Israeli entrepreneurs. Become a professional App Developer or Web and Graphic Designer, with our training course which will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in your future hi-tech career.

Still want more? Why not mix things up with exciting trips throughout Israel, Hebrew education, volunteering, and making friends and memories to last a lifetime! Add it all up to create a once in a lifetime experience!

Why BIG IDEA Gap Year in Israel?


  • New- Earn college credits from Ben Gurion University.
  • The only technologically focused gap year in Israel.
  • Professional Hi-Tech boot camp with professional certification in App Dev & Graphic Design.
  • Gain work experience as an intern at top Hi-Tech companies.
  • Meet fascinating entrepreneurs and Hi- Tech developers.
  • Up to $2000 masa grant!
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Get Trained for a Career in Hi-Tech

We accept only the exceptional! If you are a motivated young adult between the ages of 18-20 with great potential in the hi-tech industry, then you have come to the right place! Our participants will have to pass a personal interview, and technological ability aptitude test, however there is no prior experience necessary!

Open the door to your future career in either Graphic Design or Programming. You will participate in a four-month Web and Mobile Application Development Course. Study and gain hands-on experience with like-minded people and get essential skills from industry experts. Impress friends, family and future employers by creating your very own mobile application!

Learn to enhance your Hi-Tech skills, teamwork and leadership knowledge and stand out from the crowd with a professional certification upon completion of the course.

The course is led by iNT College. This is a leading Israeli institute inside a professional Hi-Tech training center, hosting an advanced technological environment. The college offers studies throughout the country in collaboration with top companies such as: IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

After completing the course, you will be eligible to take an exam to become certified by Microsoft. Click here to see the course syllabus.

The iNT College website: https://www.int-college.co.il/

Become a developer. You will get all the coding skills that are required in creating web and mobile apps. Touch up the UI & UX of your very own creations. Course includes studying HTML5, Javascript and CSS, AngularJS, UI/UX Techniques, Android Development, Introduction to server side as well as databases and much more!
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Become a user interface professional. Get the skills for designing creative apps and websites. Apply your slick style on an industry – standard WordPress site.

Course includes studying Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, UI/UX design methods and techniques, Prototyping, Mobile & Web design as well as WordPress and much more!


What better place to make your first steps in the Hi-tech industry than where the most creative ideas in the world came from – Israel!

Become part of the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem and put your hands-on-experience to use in order to create pioneering mobile applications.

Expand your professional network by making acquaintances and hearing inspiring workshops and presentations from entrepreneur professionals, subject matter experts, industry leaders, government agencies, professors and more. Be a part of the world’s unique innovation playground, Digital Health Lab.

Read more on the CDI Negev here

Live Your Dream in Israel

Connect to Israel’s past and future

Once a week you will leave your everyday routine in order to delve into Israeli society, culture and Hi-Tech industry!

Explore the start up nation with Israel gap year program

Explore The Startup Nation

Israel gap program - design your future

Make New Israeli Friends

travel Israel- gap year

Weekly Field Trips All Around Israel

gap year in Israel

Get a Deeper Look at Israeli Society

GAP YEAR Program aspects

  • Live in a fully furnished apartment.
  • Multiple apartments in Be’er Sheva, all next to your fellow gap year goers.
  • Stay in a 2-4 bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen, bedrooms and living room, each accommodating 4 to 7 roommates.
  • WI-FI access throughout the apartment.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with all major appliances, table and chairs, and kosher cutlery and cookware.
During the program you will learn how to live independently, how to live with other people, and grow individually as a person. Cook, clean and live together with your roommates, who will soon be like your family.

In Ulpan (Hebrew language learning) classes you will learn how to speak, read and write in Hebrew.

With your new Hebrew skills you will be able to communicate with Israelis and become a part of Israeli society. In addition, you will gain the platform to enter the Israeli workforce.

There are several levels of Ulpan. The Ulpan classes are fit for advanced Hebrew speakers as well as people who are learning for the first time.

The safety and security of our BIG IDEA Gap Year participants is our top priority.

  • We have strict standards for safety and security. Our staff are highly experienced in long term programs in Israel and available for the participants 24/7.
  • We are in constant contact with the appropriate Israeli security/public safety authorities.
  • Our program is approved daily with the “situation room” administered by the Israeli Ministry of Education, Military, and Police.
  • If there is any change in the security situation in israel, participants and their families will be briefed.

Health insurance is provided throughout your stay in Israel from the day of arrival until the last day of the program. Harel Insurance Company is the leading provider of a wide range of health insurance programs in Israel. Doctors affiliated with the Harel plan are located throughout Israel, and participants can easily schedule an appointment. The policy does not cover pre-existing conditions with the exception of Diabetes, Asthma, and allergies (if the participant was treated and was under stable conditions during six months prior to the trip, doctor’s proof will be required).

For any reason, participants can consult with the program staff at anytime.

  • Further details regarding health coverage will be provided.
  • Participants are required to have additional personal medical coverage for the duration of the program.

App. Developer Course / Evening group activity

Ulpan (Hebrew learning) / App. Developer Course / Project time Free Evening

Day tour/ career seminars/ explore start-up nation/ Volunteering day

Ulpan+ App Dev. Course/ Apartment meetings

App. Developer Course or internship/ Free evening

Free weekend

Be’er Sheva

World’s Cybertech Capital

Be’er Sheva is in the midst of a development boom. The high-tech park establishment attracts technological companies from around the world; and Israel’s national cyber headquarters has moved on-site as well. The city benefits from a thriving and developing university and is well known as the number one student city in Israel. In the city you will find arts and culture, and thanks to the many students there, you will also enjoy the amazing nightlife. Be a part of the cyber ecosystem. Live next to the Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park, including companies such as: DELL, Oracle, Paypal, WIX, JVP Cyber labs and many more!

BIG IDEA Gap Year – Leave your Hi-Tech footprint in Israel

BIG IDEA Gap Year is a four-month internship extension program. Use your knowledge in developing mobile and web applications and gain even more hands-on work experience.

Be a part of the Israeli Hi-tech industry with internships at top Israeli Hi-tech/ StartUp companies. 

Travel and explore even further in Israel, become more proficient in your Hebrew and live independently with your friends.

Participants who sign up for BIG IDEA full Gap Year Experience, will participate in the 5 month gap year program in Be’er Sheva and then continue on for another 4-month internship program extension in Tel Aviv close to the beach or vibrant Be’er Sheva.


  • Gain work experience from the one and only StartUp nation, and become part of the action!
  • Use your profession, in mobile and web app development, in a real and challenging environment.
    Work next to Israeli Hi-tech developers and incredible entrepreneurs.
  • Build up your resume.
  • Extend your journey away from home.
  • Live with your close friends for a further five months close to the beach in beautiful Tel Aviv.
  • Strengthen your connection to Israel.
  • Improve your Hebrew even more, with additional practice opportunities and continued Ulpan lessons.
  • All is taken care of – furnished apartments, scheduled programs, etc.

BIG IDEA Gap Year is a great opportunity for those who wish to stay in Israel and be a part of a structured program with the guidance of our professional and supportive staff.

Get to know us better – Click here to meet the staff

Want to know more?

Meet the current group of BIG IDEA gap year programs in Israel

These are the participants who are currently on their Israel gap year experience.
They are smart, ambitious, and awesome.
They travel to Israel from 5 different countries: USA, Canada, UK, South Africa & Australia!
They are having a great time participating in a unique Hi-Tech training course, Hebrew Ulpan, and trips all over Israel.
Each and every one of them is starting their journey of making an impact on our world, through technology.

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