There are the phrases like, ‘in Rome, do like the Romans,’ or ‘If you can’t beat them, join them,’ which is why in this article we will teach you some of the best-known slang words for practicing with the locals on your Gap Year in Israel.

1. Sababa means cool, chilled, okay, right on

2. Gadol – The literal translation is ‘big’ but here it means unreal/ amazing

3. Yella – let’s go/ hurry up!

A mother is late for school and work and rushing with her children for a funny stress concept on a white isolated background.

4. Chai B’ Seret – Literally translated to ‘living in a movie’ but here it means someone or something is unrealistic

5. Combina – An “under the table” or “off the record” deal

6. Balagan – Mess

7. Tachles – Bottom line

8. Lachfor – Literal translation is “to dig” but in Hebrew slang it means someone who doesn’t stop talking

9. Lizrom – basically, “To Go With The Flow”. Israelis mainly use that to describe chill and relaxed people who will handle any issue with a smile. You will meet many of these people in Israel


10. Yesh –Yes or Winning!


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