10 Promises To Myself To Keep In 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 has finally arrived and it’s a great time to set new and exciting goals for yourself for the upcoming year. Opportunities are everywhere and the options are endless. Let’s make 2018 truly amazing! Here are 10 promises to keep this year:

  • Meet new people

Go outside more. Meet new people. Enjoy enriching conversations. There is a lot to learn from others, valuable knowledge to gain, and diverse points of view to get exposed to.

  • Take risks

Risk it. If we don’t take calculated risks, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we will not be happy. If we won’t be happy, what else is there to life?

  • Try new things

Step outside your comfort zone. Personal development increases when we face new challenges, we have to keep our eyes open and seize any opportunity that comes our way.

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  • Inspire others

Inspiration goes both ways. Each of us is a shining star in our own way of being. Each person has their knowledge, their experience, their skills, and their dreams, and by pursuing our dreams we can all be an inspiration to others.

  • Find love

“Love is in the air”, as the song goes and it’s true. It’s a new year and a new opportunity to find that special someone.

  • Positive thinking

Life is about ups and downs and we always have to remind ourselves to think positive. Finding the positive in things will lead to a more fulfilling and happy life and will spread to others, as well. Keep on smiling ????

  • Get professional training

This year you’re going to get one step closer to your dream and learn the professional skills you need. For example, if you plan a professional technological future, sign up for one of the Gap Year programs in Israel – the world’s Startup nation and get a head start.

  • Travel

The world is big and wonderful and the experiences are endless. Taking a trip to a foreign country for a vacation or training will be refreshing and fun. A gap year in Israel is a perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

  • Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language can open a door to the world around us and let us explore different cultures. Actually, living in a foreign country will take your language skills to much higher levels. For example: travel to Israel to learn Hebrew.

  • Volunteering

Helping other people will make the world around you a better place on the one hand and will drive your personal growth on the other.

Setting these goals and following them one by one, will make life more exciting and fulfilling! You can take your first step now with BIG IDEA Gap Year – click here to know more about the professional program in Israel.
Have a great year!

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