Big Idea Gap Year’s favorite hummus joints:

Ask any Israel and they will tell you, hummus is so much more than simply chickpeas. There are a variety of textures, methods, and of course presentation which makes it key. Check out our recommendations to try on your Gap Year In Israel?

 Abu Hassan

You can judge a restaurant from the line outside. This restaurant always has a crowd so you may be sharing a table with a bunch of strangers but who cares when the hummus tastes so good.

Back in 1959, Karavan, who was also known as Abu Hassan, started out in with just a very small hummus stand consisting of two pots on Hadolphin Street near the Jaffa port. He then opened a real restaurant, due to public demand, not far from Jerusalem Boulevard in 1972, which quickly became so popular that Karavan had to open another place none other than directly across the street. In 2007, Ali Karavan passed away, leaving a glorious hummus legacy passed down to his family.

Comes with raw onion, hot pepper sauces and pittas on the side not forgetting a lot of noise.

Ali Karavan/Abu Hassan – 14 Shivtei Yisrael Street, Jaffa

 Masabacha at Hummus HaCarmel

We wandered around the Carmel Market for years before noticing this extraordinary hummus place. This stall hides behind the crowds of stalls. What makes it extraordinary is not just the taste but also the price: at 10 shekels a pop this is the cheapest hummus place we found.  Simply made without compromising on the taste. In short, if your shopping trip makes you hungry take a load off here.
Don’t expect fancy staff or waiters, you simply go to the counter and choose either hummus or masabacha, both at the same price. You get 2 thick handmade pittas in a bag and even some side dishes like finely sliced pickles and hot sauce on the hummus place.
Mix them all together and go for a bite

Hummus HaCarmel – HaCarmel 11, Tel Aviv

 Hummus Ful Ha-Hagana

This is undoubtedly the best hummus place in south Tel Aviv, sitting just across the street from Ha-Tikva market. It’s one of the best places to eat “complete” dish of hummus with ful and brown boiled egg. It’s a small place filled with the sweet smell of the oil burners, on which the ful is made. The hummus is thick and full of flavors, and the sliced egg literally melts in your mouth. The real secret is in the ful – which is just perfect.

71 Ha-hagana road, Tel-Aviv • 03-6740055


This place sits across the street from the Damascus Gate (“Shaar Schem”). They serve handmade hummus based on an old Syrian recipe, which is very different from the typical Jerusalem style hummus.

Make sure that you get there with friends, so you can also order ful and musabaha – you wouldn’t be able to eat all that alone…. They also have a very tasty and crispy falafel.

2 Ha-Neviim st., Jerusalem • 02-6261658

Fadi’s Hummus

Haifa too has many respected hummus places – Abu Shaker,  Abu Yosef and Abu Maroon, to name just a few. Fadi’s is not as well-known, but not as less tasty.

Although the name sounds Arabic, Fadi Karaman is actually a Jewish chef of Romanian origin, who one day in 2002 realized hummus is his true passion.

He prepares many other dishes, but the pièce de résistance  is his Hummus Gargerim (hummus with whole chickpeas). The portion is very big and is served with great green and red pepper sauces and hand-made sourdough pita bread, that is really good. The spicy potato chips are definitely worth tasting also.

4 Ha-Bankim st., Haifa • 04-8530531

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