In honor of today, BIG IDEA Gap Year is celebrating women who lead, who inspire, who battle, who teach, who change, who motivate, who create, who challenge and those who have helped shape what we are today, and what our future will become. These remarkable women have each helped in their own individual special way to shape the future of Israel for all of us.

Golda Meir

Golda was the first female Prime Minister of the State of Israel, even before most western countries ever had a female head of state. She was a fearless feminist and Zionist. Her strength and courage has been and will always continue to be, praised for all for the generations to come.

Hadar Cohen

Hadar Cohen was a 19-year-old Israeli border policewoman who sacrificed her life for the state of Israel. She bravely fought off 3 Palestinian terrorists armed with guns, knives, and pipe bombs in a terror attack during the recent wave of Palestinian violence.

Although she was wounded badly after being shot in the head by a Palestinian terrorist, she still managed to fire at the terrorists before unfortunately losing consciousness. Thanks to her bravery, Israelis are safer today.

May her memory continue to be a blessing.

Gal Gadot

This talented actress recently played ‘Wonder Woman’ in the blockbuster Marvel hit and is now one of the number 1 names in Hollywood. Gal also has been an outspoken supporter and ambassador for Israel taking to Facebook when Israel was under attack from thousands of Hamas rockets from Gaza to support the IDF.

Lucy Aharish

Lucy Aharish is a proud Israeli-Arab, Muslim, and a very successful journalist. Aharish has earned both disapproval and admiration for her honesty when it comes to Israel. You can find her hosting a news broadcast on Channel 2 News and she recently made headlines this year when she spoke out against the motivation to violence that members of the Joint Arab List in Israeli parliament are taking part in.

Noam -BIG IDEA Israeli Gap Year Participant

Noam grew up in Israel before moving to Pittsburg at 8 years old with her family, In September 2071 she returned to Israel with the help of BIG IDEA Gap Year.  Although the only female to join the program at the time, this didn’t stop her proving herself with her amazing tech skills; graduating with an official certificate in Mobile and Web App development.  When speaking about Israel, she describes it as home stating it was always her plan to join the military and her duty to serve Israel as an Israeli citizen. In February 2018 with the help of the BIG IDEA’S Garin Lotem program, she joined the army. Utilizing the new-found knowledge, she learned on the programming courses throughout the 5-month semester she joined a cyber unit in the army.  She says, ‘A big thank you to BIG IDEA Gap Year program who have been very supportive of me this entire time, helping me out a lot with all the processes and even becoming part of my family”.

Watch her story below:


These are just 5 extraordinary Israeli women, but in all honesty, there are thousands more. The Middle East is a difficult place for women’s rights, however, Israel continues to move forward and serve as an example to the rest of the Middle East on what equality for women looks like, and what that means.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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