Israeli startups that are changing the world for the better

Israel has been labeled the “Startup Nation”; the country with the highest concentration of startups in the world. In just 63 years, thousands upon thousands of Israeli startups have given rise to innovations in fields as diverse as GPS navigation; irrigation and even cherry tomatoes. Yummy!

We have chosen the 5  startups that we strongly believe have impacted the world for the better or are in the process of changing lives forever.

“Disk-On-Key” (USB flash drive)

Yes, the USB memory stick you just saved your documents on originates from non-other than the Holy Land. M-System’s was the first to make the world-famous portable storage device. Israeli entrepreneur Dov Moran created it as an upgraded version of disk and diskette technology. Moran went on to sell it to SanDisk for a whopping $1.6 billion. This device may be miniature in stature but no one can deny it is a life-saver, rescuing many from panic on many occasions, uses flash memory and USB interface for connection to personal computers. Compact enough to fit in y our pocket but don’t let that deceive you as the USB flash drive can store up to 11,830 times more data than the old school floppy disk.

Car-to-car communication

Autotalks, founders Nir Sasson, and Onn Haran, have already developed a smart chipset that enables both cars and traffic infrastructure to literally “speak” via electronic messages. This technology should be able to predict the chances of traffic jams and road accidents, with vehicle-to-vehicle alerts being sent in real time to notify incoming drivers to slow down or to stop the driver entering the junction. The system is set to be in use by 2015.

Hacking the human brain

In association with Bar Ilan University (where you find some of the best minds), ElMindA has developed Brain Network Activation technology (BNA). This technology is basically a major step towards “hacking” the human brain and gaining control over specific brain functionalities, such as rehabilitation from injuries, psychiatric and neurological problems, reactions to treatment, and pain. The company has made significant progress in drug research, utilizing the BNA technology in detecting and quantifying drug-induced neural response and changes in brain network activity. They’ve also used the technology to reveal differences between the effects of a drug and a placebo. All in all, ElMindA has opened our eyes to a never-before-seen dimension of our brains.

The everlasting solar battery

Imagine A battery with infinite power how wonderful that sounds. Well, now you don’t have to imagine. Haifa-based company Sol Chip has developed the world’s first solar battery that is able to recharge itself to power wireless sensors and mobile electronics devices. How it works is via a cross-pollination of solar-cell and microchip technologies.  The company now offers the missing technology that will improve batteries’ life or in many cases completely eliminate the need to recharge or replace the power source. Although at present it is limited to an output of 8.4 volts of power, the solar battery can provide power to a vast array of outdoor devices. Plans for the company involve working on integrating their technology into the fields of agriculture, farming, weather testing and security-related applications.

A “super plant” that is Drought-resistant

Israeli researchers at Haifa’s Technion engineered drought-resistant plants that could be extremely useful in the current global food crisis. Currently, 40 countries globally are suffering from a food shortage and 870 million people, or one in eight, are chronically malnourished. Many of these countries’ food shortages are in connection to drought. It appears like the time is right for a change of strategy. These engineered superplants require less water, stay fresh for longer and yield bigger harvests. They can last for a month without any water and only need 30 % of the amount of liquid compared to normal plants do, so, therefore, are able to survive droughts. This be a big step in the direction of a hungry-free world?

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