5 Must Do’s When in Israel

So you’ve decided to take a gap year in Israel. amazing! If you wish to experience the true nature of Israel, here are 5 things you simply must do; They will allow you to experience Israel a little bit differently than any other tourist.


  • Eating a Watermelon with Sirene Cheese at the Beach

No Israeli summer is truly complete without going to one of Israel’s fine beaches and having a delicious watermelon with slices of Sirene cheese while giving yourself to the warm sun, sweet breeze, and relaxing sound of waves lapping the shore.’

  • Explore Israel’s Blooming High-Tech Industry

Israel is the world’s startup nation and getting to know this industry can give a real jump-start to your professional career. So why not use this opportunity and sign up for a gap year in Israel that will give you the chance to explore and become part of Israel’s ever growing High-Tech industry?
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  • Travel Outside of Tel–Aviv and Jerusalem during your gap year in Israel

Tel–Aviv and Jerusalem are beautiful, but they’re also the two main tourist centers in the country and if you want to get to know other real sides of Israel, then you need to get outside of those cities, and visit places like Eilat, Jafa, Acres, etc.

  • Get to Know the Israeli Way of Thinking

Why is Israel the world’s startup nation? Because Israelis think global and outside of the box while being hard workers and extremely self-disciplined. Signing to a gap year in Israel that will let you meet and work with Israelis will give you the chance to absorb some of those unique qualities that will help pave the road to your success.

  • Go Camping at the Sea of Galilee

Almost every Israeli has memories of the wonderful camping trip they took to the Sea of Galilee and waking up at sunrise to take an early swim in the sea. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your own memories!

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