Noam, from Pittsburgh, Pensylvania talks us through some of her experiences on BIG IDEA Gap Year Program


Hi Noam, first question – What do you think about the Israeli people?

Through BIG IDEA we have been able to meet a few of the locals and even be hosted by some of the families. It’s been amazing honestly, I say full heartedly. I feel the people here are so warm and hospitable and is so beautiful to me that in this country immigrants are so accepted. This isn’t something you can find in other countries, this is special to Israel.

What are your plans for after this program?

After this program is over, I hope to draft into the army in March, to the elite computer unit – LOTEM, with the help of BIG IDEA program.

What is your favorite thing about this program

My favorite thing about this program is the vibe, the environment, the people, the surrounding of it all. We have amazing counselors who are almost like our friends. There is something so familiar about this entire experience, it is amazing. Everyone coming here without family in Israel, creates a family here in BIG IDEA Program.

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