BIG IDEA Educational projects Ltd. has been creating meaningful Israel experiences for kids and teens for the past 10 years, mixing technology, digital arts Israel programs and social bonding.
Our vibrant community boasts more than 5,000 participants, and continues to grow and expand every year.
Our team strives to positively impact children’s lives through innovative methods of informal education.
We proudly serve families from all backgrounds in Israel, the Jewish diaspora, and other variations.

Meet the staff

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Meet the staff


Tomer has many years of experience with Masa programs and Israel experiences. He was born in Givatayim and raised in Shoham. After his service in the IDF as a paratrooper, Tomer joined the Jewish Agency’s summer Shlichim program and worked for 6 summers in Jewish summer camps in Colorado and Texas. Tomer has a BA in Political Science and International Relations at the Hebrew University. After graduating, Tomer returned to the US and served as the Israel Fellow at the Hillel of The University of Texas in Austin for 2 years. 
Before Joining BIG IDEA Gap Year, Tomer was the program director of Masa Israel Teaching Fellows program. For the past 3 years he was influencing dozens of participants from around the world who came to live in Israel and teach English at Israeli schools. Now he is super exciting to create meaningful experiences in Israel for BIG IDEA’s participants.

Gap year staff

Dotan Tamir

Dotan created eCamp in 2007 and later created BIG IDEA. The idea formed after his experience in leading technological summer camps in the US. Before he started the first Jewish tech camp in Israel, Dotan served in a special tech unit in the IDF and worked in an Israeli start-up.

Erez Roll Gap Year

Erez Roll

Erez holds an Executive MBA in Business Management from TAU. Erez is a board member in many Non-Profit Organizations such as “Variety”, and “Nahar-Hayrden-Youth-Village”. He is also a Business Mentor in IVN . In 1986, Erez founded “Lafayette” a Private Company Which imported many new kids and teen brands to the Israeli market (such as “Loony Toons”, “Disney”, “TMNT”, “Spider man” and more). With a lot of experience in marketing and branding for teens, Erez established the first commercial website for kids in Israel – “Cool toys”. Before creating BIG IDEA camps, Erez founded IN 2003, the first Israeli Summer Camp in Israel for Jewish teens from Israel and​ the diaspora.​

Gali Ezer

Gali was born in Jerusalem and lived most of her life in Hod Ha’Sharon (center of Israel).

During high school, she spent a year living in Boston, MA, and was very active as a madricha in the Israeli Scouts (Tzofim) – Shevet Ofek! Her army service was all about leading new Olim in the border police. After two years as a Youth Coordinator in a small community in the Negev, she worked as a coordinator for ALUT (the Israeli Society for Autistic Children) in Be’er Sheva, and was also leading a group of Israeli gap year volunteers.

During the past 7 summers, she had different roles in 6 different Jewish summer camps, most of them were abroad (BIG IDEA summer camp was the only one in Israel… and the best one!), including the US and Greece!

Gali just finished her BA degree on informal education, at-risk youth, and geography, and this is going to be her 5th year living and enjoying the Negev – she can’t wait to meet everyone and show them some of what the Negev and Be’er Sheva have to offer!

Gap year team members

Nir Gad

Nir has 12 years of experience in international summer camps in Israel, and has a variety of roles in America, and in eCamp since 2010. Nir also served as the Jewish Agency Shaliach at the Jewish Federation of Kansas City. He has a BA in management in behavioral science from Ben Gurion University.

Team - Gap year

Eran Lasser

Eran is a former commander in Mamram, the IDF’s IT & Cyber Academy. In 1994, Eran established the successful Israeli private IT college- John Bryce Training, that within 5 years from its establishment, had dominated the Israeli market. Later on, he founded John Bryce in Hungary, Turkey and in China. Eran was a prestige member of the worldwide Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council for training and learning. Today, he is the Executive Chairman of Extreme Group, and an Early Investor and Senior Advisor for Israeli Hi-tech investments in Synergy China Funds. Eran is one of the famous “faces” of Israel’s well known “Startup Nation”. Eran holds a BSC in Computer and Mathematics from Bar Ilan University, and is a Graduate of the IDF IT training programming track, with 7 years of Military Service.

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