Gap Year in Israel – An Experience for Life

So you’ve just graduated from high school, and college is just around the corner. And yet, it still feels like something is missing. Your heart and mind desire a new challenge to take on before going through the university’s gates. There are many things you can do in between, but have you ever considered taking a gap year? If you have a technology-oriented mind, and you wish to further broaden your horizons and learn from the best entrepreneurs and developers in the field – BIG IDEA’s tech gap year in Israel, is exactly the program for you to explore.

Gap Year – Discover the Path to Success

A gap year is basically a break for a couple of months between high school and college, in which you give yourself the opportunity to travel the world and expand both your academic and personal horizons. And what better way is there to do so, then on BIG IDEA’s gap year program in Israel – your home away from home, where we provide you with a comprehensive experience for life?

The exciting opportunity to learn about technology and enhance your self-confidence is possible in Israel – one of the most fascinating countries in the world and a global leader in innovation as the world’s startup nation.

Taking a Gap Year in Israel

Sunswept, young-minded, and yet filled with historic and cultural significant places and adventures. Israel is truly the best place to spend your gap year. A modern country filled with learning opportunities of all kinds, especially in the creative High tech industry, alongside the most interesting and brilliant minds in the business.

But choosing to spend your gap year in Israel does not only embody a learning opportunity. It is also a chance to reconnect with your Jewish roots and strengthen your Jewish identity. It could become a true spiritual journey, regardless of how religious or secular you are.

We have a BIG IDEA for You

BIG IDEA provides you not only with a detailed scheduled program but also with the only tech gap year program in Israel. This special program will present you with face to face meetings with some of the most fascinating and dedicated entrepreneurs and high tech developers in the world while gaining actual and practical work experience as an intern in Israel’s leading tech companies. At the end of this 5 to 9 months journey, you will receive a professional certificate in mobile and web app development, which can give your high tech career a considerable boost while getting empowered and building your self-confidence, a can-do attitude, and sense of independence with each day that goes by.

The first step in your Hi-Tech career begins with BIG IDEA.

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