BIG IDEA Gap Year Program in Israel – Your Banner Year Abroad

Big Idea Gap Year Program in Israel – Your Banner Year Abroad

When you think about the exciting notion of studying abroad, away from home, it is always a good idea to explore your options carefully. Why? Well, this kind of experience can contribute a great deal to your personal and professional growth, as well as be a wonderful memory for years to come, so you would want to choose the right program for you.

The Big Idea Gap Year Program in Israel can be that exact kind of special period for you to stand on your own, gain confidence and independence, gain substantial professional hi-tech experience along with other Jewish teens in sunswept Israel, and make great new life-long friends. And what can be better than a gap year in Israel with a specific emphasis on advanced technology studies and development in the world’s leading start-up nation?

Get a Head Start in the Startup Nation

Israel’s Big Idea Gap Year is a 5 months’ adventure during which students aged 17-20 can take part in a real hi-tech, hands-on experience while socializing with leading entrepreneurs from the Israeli start-up powerhouse.

This extraordinary youth program allows you to study abroad in Israel, have a meaningful learning experience, develop your computer and tech skills, practice your web and mobile development skills, gain confidence, improve your Hebrew, make new friends in a technological hub, and benefit from a real head start and career booster.

Strengthening Our Connection to Israel

The Israeli Gap Year Program takes place in the city of Be`er Sheva, otherwise known as Forbes magazine called it – “The New Silicon Valley in The Middle East”. Now you have the chance to experience this wonderful atmosphere during 5 months of education and fun while interacting with a large student community from the Ben Gurion University nearby, and while absorbing the unique feel of hi-tech events with a vibrant desert vibe.

Getting to meet, and learn with brilliant minds, you should get ready for the high-end technological internship that will pave your future road to a world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Get ready to discover new and exciting abilities within you, develop fresh and very much needed tech experience, and enjoy the time of your life!

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