Dan from New York, a participant on BIG IDEA Gap Year program answers a few of our questions about BIG IDEA Gap Year program.

What do you love most about BIG IDEA Gap Year Program?

What I love most about BIG IDEA Gap Year is the group of people I got, each individual is amazing. I cannot find faults in any of them because I love them all! Also, the educational aspect is great, I finally learned how to read and write again in Hebrew which I couldn’t before because things happened. Mainly it is the people and the environment; it is a very healthy environment.  

What do you study on the program?

We study a bit of Hebrew reading, writing, and speaking.

Also computer science including the front end of product development which is great-  I needed these skills.

Did you get to visit many hi-tech companies in Israel?

We have been to many Hi-tech places in Israel such as the Hi-Tech Park in Beer Sheva, also small StartUps, they were all fun and inspiring places to be.

How is it do to a Gap Year in Israel?

Israel is the best place to learn web app development because this is the StartupNation. It is the best place to bring ideas to fruition because in my opinion investors will throw money at basically anything, which is amazing programmers, products and people like me.

What do you feel like you’re gaining during this year?

I am very back end focused so to learn front-end skills in programming is great, so now I can call myself a full stack developer which is more impressive than just a back-end developer.

How do you think the Gap Year Program has already changed you?

The Gap Year has changed me in that it provided me skills I wouldn’t necessarily get in college. I am doing this, so when I get to college I will already have a head start in front of everybody else.


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