Beer-Sheba: The City That Will Build You Up

Did you know that the city of Beer-Sheba is the cyber capital of Israel? This thriving and vibrant city hosts one of the best universities in the country – Ben Gurion University of the Negev. The top learning institution invites its students to acquire education in cyber and hi-tech as well as many other subjects,  in a fun and inspiring learning atmosphere. Located in the Negev desert of southern Israel, Beer-Sheba is the heart of the Israeli hi-tech industry and a perfect place to develop yourself. Here are few reasons why:

The desert

Some say that the desert is one of nature’s most inspiring environments to facilitate contemplation and introspection which are quintessential to personal growth and which are achieved during special times in ones like; for example like a gap year. Maybe it’s the quietness, maybe it’s the vast open spaces, but this oasis of a city takes advantage of this fact and opens its doors to students that want to get an education as well as inspiration. Here, the desert becomes the perfect breeding ground for ideas and independent thought.

Cyber capital

Beer-Sheba is also the home of CyberSpark – the national cyber complex of Israel. The world is governed by technology and what country is more suitable to learn the amazing secrets of technology in if not Israel – the startup nation? Through gap programs in Israel, you will learn the profession of hi-tech and cyber from the best in the business.

City of opportunities

The prosperous city of Beer-Sheba is rapidly developing. This rapid-paced development creates a variety of opportunities in fields such as research and technology, higher education, entrepreneurship, tourism, culture and more. Whatever it is that you want to create, Beer-Sheba can make your dreams come true.

Fun time and leisure

Everybody needs some time to relax from all the hard work they’ve done all week, especially students. Beer-Sheba offers this life of leisure, as well as a plethora of cultural experiences for all youths. Restaurants, coffee shops, museums, movie theatres and sports arenas are only a few of the city’s finest attractions. Come explore Beer-Sheba during your gap year in Israel. We promise you will not regret it!

If all these reasons didn’t inspire you to explore more about this exciting city, we don’t know what will. Gain the professional knowledge you need while enjoying the fun environment you want, with BIG IDEA’s gap year programs in Beer-Sheba.

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