Thinking of a Gap Year? Check out  our list of countries for Gap Year Programs around the world

Young adults from all over the world tend to take one year, usually between high school and college, in order to explore, experience, and see new and exciting places. However, although the idea is common to many countries, it takes different forms in different places and includes different programs.

So, what does it mean to take a gap year in countries around the world? Let’s find out!


Gap year in Europe offers interesting programs, in which you can explore the different languages of European countries and the rich history of this ancient continent.


While the idea of taking a year off between high school and college wasn’t always as popular in the USA as it was in other countries, nowadays, things in the US have started to change thanks to Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Princeton who begin to encourage young adults who apply to take a gap year. Today, most Ivy League universities, as well as other colleges, offer their students the opportunity to take part in their gap year programs which are included in the curriculum.



Most young adults in Israel, who have just finished their military service, tend to go backpacking in places such as South America or East Asia. But the country itself has become one of the most popular destinations for Jewish youngsters from around the world to come for one of Israel’s gap programs such as Big Idea’s gap year, that offers an exclusive technological program, because it is a chance for them to visit and experience Israel like never before and unlike any regular tourist. The mentioned Big Idea’s tech gap program in Israel for example, offers young Jewish adults the chance to become part of Israel’s innovative high tech industry and gain substantial work experience while making great, new, life-long friendships.

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