When you get invited to Facebook, you can’t say no

Gap year in Israel participants visited facebook offices in Tel Aviv during their weekly enrichment activities.

To Get to the facebook in Israel, you don’t need to log in - you just need to go to Rothschild's Blvd in Tel Aviv. Up high, on the 26 floor, overlooking downtown Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea, is where you can find one of the gems of the Start-Up Nation.

BIG IDEA gap year in Israel participants got a unique visit in the Israeli offices of facebook, met with engineers, designers, and took a tour in the offices. Walking down between the different floors really gave you a sense of what it means to be a professional in the hi-tech industry. You get to see the work spaces and hear about inspiring new tech that is in the making. Facebook Israel is the only place (besides Silicon Valley main offices) that has a Research & development center - so you know you will be exposed to the newest and most innovative ideas.

A few facts about Facebook’s offices in Israel:

  • There are over 200 employees and they keep growing
  • Israel’s offices has a few departments: Marketing department that works with Israeli firms, project development department.
  • Another unique project is called: internet.org which develop platforms to deliver internet to places in the world with limited access to internet.
  • Each product development teams has different positions: engineers, project managers, designers, data analysts and more.
  • Most of the office is an open space environment and meeting rooms have clear glass walls, to create a sense of transparency in the organization.

Of course, working or interning in hi-tech companies in Israel has its perks - apart from the gorgeous view, each floor is equipped with a candy carts and beverages, there is a music room for those who want to play between jobs and even a free vending machine for helpful tech - USB flash drives, charges, computer mouse and more.

The tour was a part of the enrichment for the participants of BIG IDEA gap year in Israel. Every week, the group goes on tours to tech companies and startups in Israel - a great way to learn about new tech and get inspired about opportunities they will have in their future careers in hi-tech. This is a really interesting component of the Israel gap year experience. Tech boot camps and tours in Israel - check out all the stuff you can do at this Israel gap program>>

Just before we left, we learned a fun fact - Once a week, Mark Zuckerberg hold a meeting with facebook employees worldwide, and everyone are invited to ask him questions. Too bad that during our visit we just missed this interesting talk 🙂

Check out the photos from our visit to facebook Israel

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