How a Gap Year in Israel Prepares Students for College

A gap year program in Israel offers high school graduates the opportunity to explore interests before starting college.

gap year in israel
Gap year participants

While many students head directly to college after graduating from high school, a smaller cohort chooses another alternative: a gap year.

Taking a gap year between high school graduation and starting college can be the best choice to see the world on a larger level. And what a better way to take a gap year then doing one in Israel.For high school students or graduates considering a gap year in Israel, the options are plentiful and you can easily find a program that is just right for you. You can focus on traveling across Israel, volunteering, self-learning and of course boosting your career, learning tools that can give you an edge in developing your future career. BIG IDEA gap year in Israel is a program suitable for those who seek to boost their skills and become part of the Hi-tech Industry. The program takes place in the startup nation and really give you hands-on experience in working in the Hi-Tech world.  

Israel gap year classes

Boosting your Resume

Today we can find that most colleges and universities are incredibly supportive of gap year experiences and a few out there even award scholarships to students to return after a gap year. Many of them understand how effective a gap year can be for their future students and embrace the students who choose to take it.

Sam Shatzkin from New York City, was thinking about the advantages he is going to have  when he will finish his gap year. “When this year is over, I’m going to be able to go back to the US and begin college with a year of maturity over everyone else, and a year of skill in working in technology as a second language. None of my peers are going to have that in their resume”.

Israel gap year participants

Living on your own for the first time

Taking a Gap year gives you the opportunity to think about who you are and what is your role in the world. It gives you the time to think about your future and focus on what interests you, but most important taking a gap year, teach you how to become more independent: living on your own for the first time, manage a budget and becoming more responsible.

“Here I’ve been doing a lot of things for the first time: cooking, cleaning, doing my laundry, commuting to class by myself” Sam shares with us.  “BIG IDEA is giving me the opportunity to do all these things, and it’s really helping me grow as a person.”

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