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We live in exciting times. The world as our parents knew it has certainly changed over and over again, becoming more digital, more innovative, and more global. It also seems like the best is yet to come. Want to become part of this amazing change and of the changes we can’t even think about yet? What about becoming the one who makes the change happen? If you’re eagerly nodding to yourself, it’s probably time for your next great step.

israel gap year

So what better way to begin your journey to becoming the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates than in the country which is world renowned for being the Startup Nation? Over the last decades, Israel has rightfully gained its reputation as the Middle–East’s Silicon Valley. More successful entrepreneurs have come out of Israel with million and sometimes even billion dollars deals than almost any other country in the world. And now with BIG IDEA’s unique tech-oriented Israel gap program, you can start taking your first steps towards leaving your mark on this ever-changing digital world. Come learn from the best in the business – spend your gap year in Israel.

Gap Year in Israel – Your First Step

BIG IDEA’s gap program is a once in a lifetime experience that will allow you to live your dream in Israel and go on amazing trips around the country with new Israeli and international friends while learning Hebrew.

But that’s just a part of our program.
Since we want to give you even more, you’ll benefit from our unique, one of a kind tech Israel gap program that will expose you to the greatest minds in the business, gain important work experience, and become part of the Startup Nation. By the end of the year, you will receive a professional certification in mobile and web app development.

So, it’s time to launch your journey in this digital world, with Big Idea’s gap year program in Israel.

Come on and join us!

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