Take your first steps in the birthplace of some of the most innovative & leading entrepreneurs of our time – Israel

If you are dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur, then you probably already know that nothing will benefit you more than taking lead a from Israel.

The Innovative Minds of Israel

There is a reason why people come from all over the world in order to meet Israeli entrepreneurs. We’re not talking only about young adults who wish to become a part of the startup world, we’re also talking about CEOs of major companies, investors, and even world leaders. Israel has become one of the leading nations in the world when it comes to creating new, groundbreaking inventions – and it’s all thanks to its inspiring entrepreneurs.

Everywhere You Go – Israeli Innovation

Probably one of the main reasons why Israel has become the Middle East’s Silicon Valley, is due to the fact that Israeli innovations cover many, many fields. From the developers in Rafael that have invented one of the most advanced missile defense systems of our time, the Iron Dome, to the web development program, Wix, that was created by Avishai Abrahami, and even GlucoMe, an app that allows people who suffer from diabetes to keep greater control over the sugar level in their blood, that was co-developed by the same person who has invented the USB flash drive – Dov Moran. And this list doesn’t even begin to cover all of the successful Israeli inventions and entrepreneurs that came out of the world’s startup nation.


BIG IDEA Gap Program in Israel – Get Started

BIG IDEA’s gap year program in Israel offers you the opportunity to meet and work with inspiring entrepreneurs that will give you the chance to develop your skills and become a part of Israel’s innovative high-tech industry as you make lifelong professional contacts while getting to know a side of Israel you’ve never experienced before.

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