BIG IDEA Gap Year is an intensive program in Israel for high school graduates who seek to combine hi-tech training with an exciting internship experience in the Startup Nation. Dive into a year of unique hi-tech courses, integrated Hebrew learning, and exciting tours around Israel.

You will intern at top Israeli hi-tech companies and Startups. Get inspired by Israeli entrepreneurs. Become a professional App Developer or Web and Graphic Designer, with our training course which will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in your future hi-tech career.


  • The only technologically focused gap year in Israel.
  • Get certified as a Front-End Developer in a professional Hi-Tech boot camp.
  • Expand your resume with work experience as an intern at top Hi-Tech companies.
  • Making a change in real people’s lives with digital solutions.
  • Becoming more “Israeli” - Exploring the country & culture and excelling in Hebrew.
  • Earn college credits from Ben Gurion University.
  • Masa grants available for eligible participants!


"Going back home I'll be taking a new perspective, especially on Israel - how people live here, the coding experience, learning the basics of how to do Javascript, HTML and how to build websites. I've also grown more mature, living on our own and having to learn a new language."
Andrew, USA

"I thought it was really interesting to learn computer science and get hands on experience. It's something that I've always wanted to do but I haven't really had the chance and I think it's a good baseline to be able to further my studies on it."
Jake, Australia

"I've never been an intern before. Our experience as interns has been very intriguing, stimulating, and very different than other types of internships. We're going through the entrepreneurship process."
Noam, USA

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