The Last Day Of BIG IDEA Gap Year First Semester

After 10 months in Israel, BIG IDEA Gap Year participants are graduating. They are leaving Israel not only with coding skills and hi-tech experience – it’s the memories, the friends they’ve made, the maturity and independence they’ve earned. All this will make a difference in their lives from now on. Yael, the program director, had a few words to say to the participants and their families:

This year was a once in lifetime experience that combine both professional and personal aspects of one’s growth. During their gap year they’ve learned, interned, partied, traveled all over Israel and engaged to Israel. They had experienced the Jewish and Israeli holidays, went to sports games, celebrate the 70th independence year in Israel and have witness and debated current issues in and out side of Israel.

Growing, Evolving, Exploring In Israel

BIG IDEA Gap Year program was their platform to create, explore, dream, travel and grow to be the independent and caring citizens they are. I truly believe that we succeed with our mission, to engage them to Israel, Zionism, Judaism, Tikun Olam and to guide them through their meaningful journey in Israel.

gap year in israel

During this year, I’ve met young people who are eager to boost their professional growth; to gain the skills and at the same time, to create lifelong friendships and make memories that they will never forget. 

I am so proud of their achievements in this gap year in Israel, and specially for choosing an experience without knowing were it will led them! 

On a personal level, it is absolutely amazing that a year ago we had our vision, our tech education experience and our website, and now we have our first ALUMNI!

A huge and special thank you for Gali for working so hard with the group during the gap year program! Genuinely – thank you.

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Running a gap year program’s first semester is not always easy. We used every day as a chance for us to learn something new and we are working hard to improve in every aspect, to make next semester even better.

For me, this year was full of memories, friends, Hi-tech, challenges, triumphs, wins and losses. I had the continuous privilege to meet people who are irrevocably driven by purpose, by vision, by mission.

Thank you for supporting your kids in having this amazing experience – you should be really proud of them!

I hope to see you soon in Israel or in the US! 


Yael Sahar

BIG IDEA Gap Year Program Director

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