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You may be wondering why I love school so much here? Well, I just love everything about the idea of an institution dedicated to enabling the students to share their skills and ideas In fact, the lack of it is one of the complaints I had about the American educational system. Finally, here I got exactly what I wished for.

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Ani Medeber Ivrit (I speak Hebrew)

Two weeks into the program we started Ulpan, or simply put- Hebrew lessons. This is where I chose to put most of my efforts, as I am already mostly professional when it comes to computer science. I’m lucky because I am generally fluent in Hebrew; in fact, Israelis can’t really tell I’m American. This skill also gives me the ability to decide when I want to play the American tourist card.  When I need help in public I usually show I am American since Israeli natives are usually nicer to tourists. However, I do struggle with literacy sometimes. For example, before I started the Ulpan in this program I actually could not read or write in Hebrew.  Now, a whole month in and my teacher says I have improved drastically! When I think about it, I don’t really remember what my level was like, but I guess I am just thankful that I learnt fast and for the great teachers we have.

Computer Classes & My Computer Science Journey

Computer classes started recently as well. Personally, I’ve started working on my computer science career since I was just 12 years old as it is my fathers’ profession also.  I have been steadily advancing myself over the years, but unfortunately recently I’ve hit a brick wall. I’m finding it harder and harder to learn new and more difficult things independently anymore. Before I even knew about Big Idea or their Gap Year program I did what I usually do- I look at the skills portion of my resume and see how I can add to it. I found I was lacking in the front-end of web development. Front-end web development is the writing of programs that deal with a human directly, and that’s exactly what I’m about to learn on this program, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into the subject.

Throughout the course, I will be happy to update you all on my journey and progress.

Dan Habot

Big Idea #2


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