From Johannesburg to Be’er Sheva With BIG IDEA GAP YEAR in Israel

Meet Ariel Silberg from Johannesburg, South Africa who decided not to go on the usual path of finishing High-School and starting college, instead, he joined BIG IDEA Gap Year in Israel and gave himself the opportunity to jump-start his career in the HI-tech field.

BIG IDEA Gap Year in Israel is an in-depth program for high school graduates who seek to combine hi-tech training and internship with an exciting experience in Israel. The program is powered by Masa Israel Journey and offer 5 or 9-month experience in Beer Sheva & Tel Aviv, for ages 18-21. 

For Ariel and his friends, the program got all the tools they needed in order to succeed in the hi-tech world. For the first 4 months of the program, they focused on learning how to code using various programming languages, how to develop apps for mobile and web and got the chance to visit some of the biggest hi-tech companies in Israel,known as the Startup Nation.

While living in Be’er Sheva they also had O’lpan lesson at Ben-Gurion University every day and improve their Hebrew Skills. 

After completing the HI-Tech Bootcamp and receiving the certificate, Ariel and his friend developed an app for an organization in Beer Sheva as part of the impact month. They Developed an app that helps young people from Beer Sheva to find or create social events happening in the city, by doing that they gave back to the community who host them for the past 5 months. 

“During impact month which is part of the program we developed apps for a local organization in order to give back to the community of Be’er Sheva. You work with your friends on something you really passionate about and of course, your leading into something that is bigger than yourself” said Ariel. 

Along with the classes we also dedicate some time for weekly trips around Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the north and many more. Besides the regular tourist places, we make sure to visit places that will give the participants the understanding of Israel complicities such as Hebron and the Bedouin community. 

Now, when he knows how to code and with experience of creating an app that many people are already using, the path is open for Ariel to pursue a future career in hi-tech, whether he chooses to do it in Israel, or back in South Africa.

With BIG IDEA Gap Year in Israel, you work and live alongside like-minded people, gain significant professional and life skills for your personal development, make life- long friends and create memories that will stay with you forever. 

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