Which Kind of Growth is Most Important During Your Gap Year?

Thousands of students from all over the world every year choose to take a gap year between high-school and college. Mainly to expand their horizons, gain knowledge, make friends and develop their own personal abilities.

However, there is more to it. As we’ve learned from the students who participated in our BIG IDEA gap year program in Israel, a lot of young people are also eager to boost their professional growth; to gain the skills helpful for their future career and absorb as much knowledge as they can.   Therefore, it seems both professional and personal aspects of one’s growth are important – and here’s why.

Professional growth during a gap year

There is an abundance of material to learn and a lot of knowledge to gain from participating in our gap year program. It allows the students a rare peek into Israel’s sharpest minds, their work, and their methodologies – which is ultimately priceless. This is a great opportunity for each participant to earn skills and get inspiration that they could not get anywhere else on the planet.

A lot of Israelis have become extremely successful with apps such as WAZE, VIBER, WASSAP, mainly driven by their mentality and attitude. Therefore, the participants can learn a lot from working alongside Israeli industry experts here in Be’er Sheva (the world’s Cybertech Capital).

Personal growth – the main key to success

Yes, professional growth is important – it gives you the tools, the skills and the means to succeed in the profession you choose. However, personal growth can help you gain interpersonal skills and tools which may very well help you in anything you dabble in the future as well as in your personal life. So, make sure you do take everything you possibly can out of the gap year program, and pay attention to what you take with you from your gap year, both personally and professionally.

Now is the time to take risks and follow your passions.  Don’t wait, do something when you are young. You have the whole world in front of you so join today! For more info about BIG IDEA Gap Year click here!

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