How Spending 1 Year Abroad Can Boost Your Personal Growth

A gap year is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow as an individual not only professionally, but also personally. Here are 3 reasons why spending one year abroad can also help boost your personal growth.

gap year programs in israel

Israel Gap Year Programs – Become More Independent

It may seem scary at first – spending an entire year away from home and from your friends and family, but in the end, you’ll come to realize that the experiences you’ve had made you more independent. While you’re away at Big Idea’s gap program in Israel, you will deal with different situations on your own, learn from your own mistakes, and by the end of this gap year, you’ll find out how much you have developed and how much you have actually grown as person.
spending your gap year in israel

Your Professional Growth Is Also Your Personal Growth

Big Idea offers you the opportunity to get to know Israel’s exciting High-Tech industry. You’ll get the chance to become a part of one of the world’s greatest technological environments and gain valuable work experience while working in Israel’s leading startup companies. The combination of professional experience and new connections creates a future full of possibilities – both personal and professional.
gap programs in israel

More to See with BIG IDEA Gap Year Program in Israel

Visiting Israel is also a great chance to get more connected with your roots and explore Israel’s history through your own personal perspective, all the while enjoying benefits regular tourists don’t have access to and getting to know Israel’s innovative and groundbreaking side. Big Idea gap year program offers you to explore a side of Israel that most people visiting this beautiful country don’t get to see and learn (and maybe even gain), predominantly focusing on the special features that have long turned Israel into The world’s Startup Nation.
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