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When it comes to what makes Israel the Middle East’s Silicon Valley – every book, every developer, and every CEO will tell you the same thing – there is something about Israeli entrepreneurs that has never been seen before in the global High Tech industry.

It’s a special combination of groundbreaking creativity, an ambitious and unyielding drive to succeed, strong willpower that pushes them to work harder and smarter than all the rest, and just a dash of good old-fashioned Hutzpah.

What I’ve learned while Working with Israelis

Many of the world’s leading CEOs travel to Israel to try and learn what makes it the ultimate startup nation that produces so many High Tech innovations that get sold for millions and even billions of dollars. What they’ve found out doesn’t grow on the citrus trees at the kibbutz, or at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv. What they did find, was something many of them now say they’re trying to bring back to their own company – a certain amount of the famous Israeli “Hutzpah” mixed with military born self-discipline and a deep appreciation of team effort over personal credit.

It may be Israeli upbringing, the mandatory army service, or even the multi-cultural environment, but either way that rare combination creates some of the most creative, innovative, proliferous, and hardworking developers in the global market.

Aiming for the Stars

But it is not only that rare mix that makes Israel the world’s predominant startup nation. While other entrepreneurs are satisfied targeting their local market, Israeli developers understand that in order to succeed, they need to reach out to the world. This can help them develop a global way of thinking that is important for High Tech developers, especially now, when we live in a world that continuously turns into a global village with every passing day.

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