Which Is the Best Path For Your Personal Progress?

Some people like a classroom where they can engage and study with other students and be taught by teachers or mentors. Others, prefer to do an internship whereby they can learn through experience. Both of them are important in different ways and add to our professional career. However, which is the best way to achieve personal growth? Being a student or an intern? Well, we hope this article will shed some light on the subject.

Being a student:

We were born interns. Our parents taught us how to take our first steps, way before we occupied classrooms in schools and universities. But in class, we learned to become students, where the atmosphere of joint studying was perfect for thinking, contemplating, writing and engaging with other students and teachers. We need such institutions, such settings to enable focus and a flow of learning.

Our future career choice demands that we gain knowledge about certain subjects and professional work areas, in order for us to succeed and meet the expectations of others and of ourselves. Developing our learning skills in school will help us develop our learning skills in our next new and exciting job.

Being an intern:

What internship basically boils down to is learning through experience. This type of education is more about gaining hands-on experience which facilitates learning. As an intern, you will explore all different areas of the work, including your own responsibilities and learn to practice them in real time. This is much like taking part on a Gap Year where you take workshops and a chance to practice working with your skills and knowledge. It is a great way to develop your skills through trial and error. Make mistakes now in order to succeed later.

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To sum up:

Looking for an internship? Love technology? Throughout our tech based Gap Year program in Israel, you will get to intern at top Israeli hi-tech companies and startups. Learn from the best, develop your skills and boost your hi-tech career. But in order for you to do that, you must learn how to study first. Like everything in life, you need both the concentration of a classroom, the knowledge and basics of a subject and the work ethics of a job. Both are as worthwhile as each other and whichever you choose ultimate make sure to follow your passion, and you will succeed

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