Why Israelis Have The Right Attitude

What is it about Israel or should we say Israelis, that has successfully led this nation into creating some of the most innovative technological breakthroughs of our time? Well, to put it in a single word –attitude. And in three words – The Israeli attitude.

Israelis Tell It Like It Is

It’s the famous Israeli “Hutzpah”. When you work with someone with an Israeli attitude, you work with someone who always tells it like it is, because it needs to be said – even if people won’t like hearing it.  Israelis are more honest and direct and they don’t play around when it comes to work. This may come as a bit of a cultural shock if you’re not familiar with that attitude, but in the end – the work gets done better and faster.

Israelis Dream Big and Are Willing to Work Hard

When you grow up in such a small country like Israel, you may feel that your opportunities are limited. So, what do you do? You dream bigger, you dream internationally. And when you dream bigger, you tend to become more creative, you start to think outside of the box and create big things, and you’re also willing to put in the extra effort in order to make it all happen. It might be because they’re extremely driven, it might be their military discipline, and it might be both – but Israelis are some of the most hard-working and creative people you’ll ever meet.

Spend a Gap Year in Israel – And Learn from the Best

Big Idea offers you the opportunity to get a taste of the famous Israeli attitude and experience first-hand what makes this country the world’s leading startup nation. You’ll get a chance to work in the heart of Israel’s blooming High-Tech industry and gain significant work experience that will become your first steps in the High-Tech world.

So, come and do it like the pros, come to Big Idea’s gap program in Israel.

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