Trip Day!

Today is a Tuesday, which means today we took our mid-week break from class to learn more about the city and country we now live in.

gap programs in israel

Our first stop was local. We met bright and early at Be’er Sheva’s city hall where we were welcomed and treated as valued guests. We were treated to a beautiful spread of fruit and pastries, a more than pleasant sight when one has rushed through breakfast. It was only moments before the mayor stepped out and gave us a warm smile. The smile was followed by an impassioned speech, translated by a government translator about Be’er Sheva’s history, his values as a mayor, and the reasons that Be’er Sheva was a good choice for us and our program. Then we took some pictures and interviews for the mayor’s social media and left for our next adventure.

A short bus ride brought us to Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighbourhood. In this up and coming neighbourhood, we engaged in an exciting modern art tour during which explored the area and learned about the deeper meaning behind the city’s diverse and thought-provoking modern art. This tour also allowed us free time to explore the cafes of Florentine and the dense shooks of Jaffa. It was in these shooks that many of my friends tried their hand at haggling. I personally bartered for a tapestry that I eventually bought for 40% of the original asking price.

Finally, we regrouped to take one more quick bus ride to Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff street where we got a brief taste of the nightlife and milkshakes that the city has to offer.

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