10 Things You Must Do in Israel after Camp is Over

Even when camp is over, it doesn’t mean your adventure in Israel must end! You’re already here, so why not make the most out of your visit? Israel have so much to offer, from exciting attractions to amazing food, beautiful nature and warm, kind locals. This is our recommendation for things that if you’d miss – your visit to Israel won’t be complete!

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Enjoy The Beach

Lay down on the soft sand while enjoying the warm sun, swim in the refreshing water or even catch some waves: Every trip to the beach comes with a smile and with a guarantee for a wonderful time. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Sunset at Mitzpe Ramon

This huge crater in the desert offers a magical view for its visitors with marvelous landscape that, when caught during sunset, sends you checking your smartphone’s GPS to check you’re not on some faraway planet. This is also a great stop on your way to Eilat.

Snorkel In Eilat

At the southernmost tip of Israel, there’s Eilat – the Israeli resort town. Beautiful beaches surrounded by colorful mountains, and the famous boardwalk. Eilat also offers plenty of activities like diving, boat paddling, and jet-skiing.

Connect In Jerusalem

Israel’s jewel which dates back to times long forgotten. In the capital of Israel, you can enjoy extensive tours in the old city, visit the Western Wall, and enjoy the fascinating story of culture and architecture as they unfold before you in the streets of the golden city. Machne Yehuda market is a must-visit! Prepare for a culinary and olfactory experience the likes of which you have never encountered before.

Get Inspired In Tel Aviv

The heart of the startup nation! The cultural and economical  center of Israel, where you can enjoy great museums, art fairs, and colorful markets as well as stunning beaches, port-boardwalk, and great atmosphere.

Wander in Jaffa

Just south of Tel Aviv lays this old city with a marvelous old port, fascinating sites, and the awesome Flea Market.

Hiking in The Golan Hights

Get to know one of Israel’s most beautiful regions, by hiking on one of Ramat Hagolan’s trails that will always lead you to a fresh pond or lake through breathtaking scenery and backdrop, not to mention the Hermon, the highest point in Israel!

Swim In The Kinneret

Set camp in one of many beaches in the Sea of Galilee, great sweet, fresh water and plenty of activities nearby (Zaki trail is very recommended).

Float in The Dead Sea

It has a weird name, but it does offer out of this world experience! You can easily float thanks to the heavy water, so you actually can’t sink in this small lake that is too salty for animals to leave in. Enjoy the healthy benefits of the mud here and the unbelievable views of the lowest place on earth.

Eat The Local Food!

Make sure you grab the delicious and so healthy Mediterranean treats, Hummus, Shawarma, and falafel. You’ll thank us later.

By the end of camp – your child’s Israeli friends will be all into hosting you and showing you around in this tiny country. You can count on us, it’s the Israeli mentality 🙂

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