BIGI Track – 7 Days

  • 7 Days
  • 12 Workshops
  • Ages 7-15
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BIGI Track

Create, Grow And Make Awesome Friends In Israel This Summer!

The moment you’ll arrive at the BIG IDEA camp, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. Everything you need for a perfect summer in Israel is already there: computer labs, an entertainment hall, a basketball court, convenient dorms, an awesome swimming pool, and great scenery.

Mix technology with friends & fun, boost your life skills, personal growth and make this summer meaningful and unforgettable.

The Dorms

After all the non-stop activities you will go through during the day, it is nice to relax in the evening at the comfortable dorms. Each suite has 2 bedrooms, an entry hall, and a private bathroom and showers. Each room is also equipped with an AC unit.

There are 3-6 campers staying in each room, all from the same age group. We mix our Israeli and international campers together, so you will have the chance to meet new friends from Israel and practice your English or Hebrew with them. Boys and girls live in separate dorms. During the day, while campers participate in their regular activities, the dorm buildings are locked.

There are always counselors supervising the dorms. Each floor has a staff room, available for campers 24 hours a day. In the evenings, during shower time, the counselors visit the rooms and lead fun games and activities, that help the campers get to know their new friends and feel more comfortable with each other.

Jeff came back home yesterday and now in an unstoppable mode talking about the friends and interesting things of camp. He loved everyone and started missing you all:-)

Thank you all for taking good care of him and a special thanks to the group and workshop counselors who always kept me updated, hope to see you guys all again next summer.

Anna, Jeff’s mom

About Camp:

  • Israeli Friends

    About half of our campers are Israeli, giving our campers from abroad a real taste of the Israeli culture. Make Israeli friends this summer – friendships that will keep growing bigger from year to year!

    The camps main language is English, but you will still be able to improve your Hebrew alongside your new Israeli friends.

    There is no better place to get that Jewish summer camp atmosphere than in a summer camp in Israel. We have created an accepting environment based on mutual respect, where kids and teens from every - background can feel comfortable.

  • Common Grounds:

    Everyone coming to BIG IDEA want to do something interesting and valuable during their summer vacation.

    You won’t believe how much you have in common with children that grew up on the other side of the world! The friendships you will form will be very empowering and mind-opening, as we celebrate the differences and diversity in our camp.

    Say goodbye to your cellphone!
    Yes, you’re not mistaken – our camp is phone-free!

    A big part of the BIG IDEA experience is to develop independence skills. Taking phones away creates priceless social interactions. By removing this distraction, we allow children to truly connect with each other. Those friendship last a lifetime!

  • Who Are The Counselors?

    All of BIG IDEA’s counselors are over 18, talented, qualified, professional, technological and academic who arrive at camp from Israel and around the world. The counselors lead the workshops during the day and guide the kids personally in their social age groups. We maintain a close-ratio of one staff member for every five campers, so every camper could get personal attention and special experience.

  • The Workshops:

    You choose – music or film, robotics, programming, drones, theater or outdoor survival. Upgrade your skills with more than 20 professional workshops. By the end of camp, you’ll have created amazing projects using all the new experience & knowledge that you gained.

    discover your passions, we believe that if you can dream it, you can do it!

    When they’re not being criticized and graded, children are free to express their true selves, think big, take chances – and succeed!
    You can count on us that by the end of summer you’ll be inspired to continue developing your new skills by working on new projects!