Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Living Conditions?

Our lovely rooms at camp are your new home for the summer, that is why it is important for us you’ll be comfortable. In each room there are 3-6 beds, a closet and an air conditioner. There are private toilet and showers for every one to two rooms.

Can I Ask To Be With My Friend At The Same Room?

Before the summer starts, you’ll be asked to fill up an information form where you can mark a name of a friend you will want to share a room with. We will put together in the same room two campers who have both asked for it.

How Many Campers Can Share A Room?

In every room there are 3-6 camper from the same grade, both Israeli and international. Girls and boys sleep in different dorms and there’s a counselors room in every building, available for our campers in case they’ll need it. During the day, when the campers are in their workshop or in other activities, the rooms are locked.


How Does A Typical Day At Camp Looks Like?

In BIG IDEA, every day is a special day, filled with intensive program of wonderful experiences! The schedule below is typical but keep in mind that your day may look a little different. Your “Unplugged” activity will be scheduled for one of the 4 periods. The calling home time changes from day to day. Parents get the daily time by email.

Detailed Schedule can be found here >>

Is Your Camp Segmanted By Age?

Our camp is segmented into 4 age groups. Each unit have an independent educational program that suits the age of the campers, a unit head and counselors who are experienced in working with their specific age group.

Who Are The Counselors?

All of BIG IDEA’s counselors are over 18, talented, qualified, professional, technological and academic who arrive to camp from Israel and around the world. The counselors lead the workshops during the day and guide the kids personally in their social age groups. We maintain a close ratio of one staff member for every five campers, so every camper could get a personal attention and a special experience.

Is The Camp Suitable For Someone Who Is “Shomer Shabbat”?

Here in BIG IDEA, we build the program so everyone, secular or religious, will feel comfortable. Counselors and campers gathered on Friday evening for a beautiful, pluralistic and unforgettable Kabbalat Shabbat service, and spend the Shabbat doing social, fun, computer free activities. Our synagogue is open for service both on Shabbat and during the week for our campers who would like to pray.

What If Our Child Is Missing Home?

We know that for some of our campers, being away from home for the first time can be a powerful and overwhelming experience. Our staff is qualified to help the through the experience and make it meaningful and empowering for them. Before camp starts we’ll send you our parents guide that includes tips that will help you and your child prepare for the summer.

Costs and Regulations Terms:

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

In case of cancellation before the 1st of May, a full refund will be given.

Read BIG IDEA’s registration terms >>

What If I Need To Change Sessions?

Switching sessions is easy and based on availability. All you have to do is call or email our office.

How Much Does Your Camp Cost?

Dates & Prices for this summer are available here!


Is Your Food Kosher?

Meir Shfeya’s dining room is Kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinical Association of the Regional Counsil Hof Hakarmel.

What Are The Options For Children With Food Allergies?

We are set to adjust to any food require you may have. Please contact our office and let us know.

What Meals Do You Supply?

Meir Shfeya youth village’s dining hall serves delicious, nutritious meals for the youth during the year and to our staff and campers during the summer. We serve a dairy for breakfast and dinner and a meat dish for lunch


How Do I Sign Up?

You can contact us at the office and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with the registration and payment process. Our contact details are:
+ 972 3 5285177
[email protected]

Where Is The Camp Located?

BIG IDEA Meir Shfeya – Located near Caesarea, about an hour drive north of Tel Aviv. An evergreen campus on Mount Carmel with the newest computer labs, sports courts, magnificent swimming pool and beautiful lawns and nature.

What Language Is Spoken At Camp?

The main language at camp is English. We repeat everything in Hebrew as well. We have campers and counselors from all around the world so you should always be able to find someone who can help you to translate if needed.

How Long Have You Been Running Technological Camps?

BIG IDEA camp will be running this summer for the 12th time. Thousands of kids from all around the world have already joined us! Come and take part of this unforgettable experience.

Do You Get To Travel And See Israel?

We offer great trips between the summer sessions, where you get to travel with your friends from camp and get to explore the beautiful and exciting sites of Israel. Whether you are coming for one session or more, we highly recommend on joining the inter-session trips.

Who Should Sign Up For Camp?

Our campers at BIG IDEA are between the ages 7-18 and coming from over 30 countries around the world. If you’re that age and looking forward to have an amazing, meaningful experience in Israel, come join us this summer!

Safety and Communication:

Should We Send Some Pocket Money With Our Children?

You do not need to send any pocket money! However, we do have a camp store where the campers can get small treats such as ice-cream, granola bars, snacks, soft drinks and camp products. Every camper gets a store account that parents should pre-charge. If preferred, parents can also send their children with some cash money for the shop.

How Can We Contact Our Child On An Urgent Matter?

Our office will send you all the relevant contact information before the summer starts. You can contact the office over the phone or by email. We will also send the office and managers emergency numbers, so you can always get a hold of us.

Is There Parents Visit Day At Camp?

We try to give our campers a unique experience and we feel that a visit day might harm that experience. Therefore we do not allow parents to visit. Parents will be able to follow their kids’ experiences through the photos and videos we publish on a regular basis. We will send you links every day.

What Are The Communication Arrangements At Camp?

A big part of the BIG IDEA experience is to develop independence skills. That is only one of the reasons we do not allow cell phones on camp. a Few times a week during ‘Free Breeze’ our campers will be able to use the communication labs to contact home. There are skype and IP phone stations so the campers can call local and international numbers for free or have a video chat.

What Are The Medical Arrangements At Camp?

We have a qualified medic at camp, on call, at all times. Every camper is asked to fill up a medical form before the summer starts, signed by his/her doctor. The medic goes over the forms and keeps them, together with any medication the camper may take on a regular basis at his office. The medic will make sure to give the campers their medication on time, as needed. We will update the parents of any medical treatment their kids may have gotten.

What Are The Security Arrangements?

Meir Shfeya youth village is guarded 24/7. One guard is always at the entrance gate and another tours around day and night.


Do Any Of The Workshops Require Extra Fee?

A small number of workshops do require an extra payment for a personal kit that will be taken home in the end of camp or due to a need of a special instructors. You can find all the information on our workshop world.

What Do We Get When We Finish A Workshop?

Our workshops are meant for every camper to create a personal final project that they can take home and show of to their family and friends, or keep on working on later at home. You can find final projects from the previous summers, created by BIG IDEA campers on the Workshop App.

What’s The Unplugged Workshop?

BIG IDEA is a tech camp but we also create a fun summer experience. The intensive workshops and lab time are balanced out with cool and fun down time activities like gaming tournaments, outdoor sports, talent show, pool party and more!

Do I Need To Bring Computer Equipment To Camp?

We are providing you with everything you need for your workshop- each camper gets to work on their own computer station for the session, we even have have a 3D printer!

What If The Curriculum Is Too Easy Or Too Hard Once The Workshop Starts?

BIG IDEA’s workshops are lead in a creative, fun and interactive way in small, personalized groups. Instructors are able to work closely with each student to customize the workshop curriculum to each camper’s skill and experience level. Whether you are a beginner or extremely advanced, our instructors find fun and challenging ways to develop your tech skills. If you have a particular goal or project idea, instructors will work with you and guide you.

How Many Campers In A Workshop?

In BIG IDEA, we believe that every child deserves personal attention so we allow up to 8 campers in a workshop. This way, every camper will use his own computer stand and will enjoy the attention he needs from his counselor to make progress in his own pace.

How Many Workshops Can I Choose?

Every camper will choose 3 workshops he finds interesting and explore those topics through the two weeks of camp. The 3 workshops go hand in hand with the unplugged activity- sports and fun out in the open. Some of our .tracks and advance workshops take longer so whoever picks it will need to pick a total of 2 workshops. It is recommended to look at our workshop page..

What Workshops Do You Offer?

Pick your passion and we will take you to the next level:

Movies or computers, DJ or robotics, entrepreneurship, theater or even wave surfing.

You can find all the information about our workshops on our workshop page.

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