5 Facts That Makes Israel’s Summer So Good

Bright, warm weather, delicious food, amazing views, ancient history across the country and tons of activities indoors and outdoors. There are many reasons why spending a summer in Israel is a unique experience for everyone. Whether it’s the whole family or just the kids coming for a summer camp, there is a multitude of activities and possibilities. We narrowed it down to four great reasons for you to make the trip abroad to the Holy Land.

Startup Nation

Ever heard of Wix? Waze? Or maybe Viber? Israel is one of the leading countries in technological startups. Here you can learn about technology and how to build your startup with some of the best experts in the world. A combination of Jewish ingenuity and a western approach to tech, Israel is a greenhouse for the greatest minds and a unique place to learn first-hand how to do it yourself.

Bright And Sunny

Israeli summers are sunny, and rainy days are rare. It’s the type of weather that encourages spending afternoons on the beach, hiking the Galil Mountains, or a warm summer night on the terrace.  For those who come from colder places these simple activities are extra special. For those who love the sea, there is no better time to enjoy Israel’s beautiful, sandy beaches and join the surfing scene. Get your sunscreen and shades, we’re waiting for you at the beach!

Not Just Warm Weather – Warm People

Israelis are known for their hospitality and warmth. A mixture of Jewish people from different nations has created, throughout the years, a welcoming spot for people from around the world. Friendly, kind and genuine, the people in Israel love meeting others from abroad, so don’t be too surprised if you get invited for Shabbat dinner with the family right away.

The Best Food In The World

Shakshuka, hummus, falafel and burekas are just a few of the delicious foods you could find almost anywhere on the street. With a rich street food culture, rooting from places like Morocco, Lebanon and the Balkans, and a wide selection of the world’s cuisine, Israel has it all for those looking for a mouthful of new tastes.

Full Of History

The Holy Land, and the Jewish nation, is a place of numerous historical sites from different ages, ranging from biblical sites to the building of today’s Jewish State. Jerusalem, the Galilee, Tel-Aviv and the Dead Sea are just some of the world-known sites Israel has to offer, and are must-sees for anyone.

An Unforgettable Summer

What better way to incorporate all these fun ingredients than in a Summer Camp in Israel? Learning new skills, visiting new places, meeting new friends and doing activities that you couldn’t have done elsewhere are all parts of the amazing experience in the BIG IDEA Summer Camps. Programming, video editing, martial arts, surfing, graphic design and more, plus all the good reasons to come to Israel will be available for you, there.

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