Why 2018 was #MADHIMAZING. And what about 2019?

2018 was an amazing year, filled with your smiles, camp cheers and even a new dance!
We got to visit so many cool places in Israel and abroad, spent a night together during the BIG FEST and held several community events!
Of course, the greatest moment of all was BIG IDEA’s Summer camp in Israel where we got to meet friends from all over the world!
Out of all of these amazing moments and events, it was very difficult but we chose our top 5 moments of 2018. Check em out:

2019 is a very special year

How special is it you may ask?
It’s no secret that we can’t wait to meet you all so in 2019 we are taking it to the next level!
We will unite campers with each other, share YOUR interests and we even have a little surprise for you (HINT: It’s gonna be marvelous).
So with great anticipation here are the things we look forward to in 2019:

Can’t wait for another amazing year with you guys!

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