5 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons This Summer

The summer vacation is a great time to grow as a person! Everything seems possible, all options are on the table. The summer is a new opportunity to grow and broaden your horizons. Inspire yourself, face challenges in new fields, encourage yourself to succeed and enjoy every moment of it. Exciting new adventures are just around the corner and we have to seize them. Here are 5 ways to do so in summer 2018:

Read books

Reading is fun and enriching. Especially if you read the genre you love. The same goes for our children. Books are an important tool to learn from, grow, and educate ourselves in order to become more open-minded, more informed, and eventually overall better people.

Learn new skills

Take cooking classes, study martial arts, learn how to draw. Enrich yourself with a new and exciting hobby to stay healthier and happier. Encourage your children to do the same. Learning new skills is the perfect way to create and experience something that they love in a fun and friendly environment. Those skills can be expressed in different ways and all around the world. For example: learn surfing in a surf camp in Israel.

Meet new people

Travel, interact, step out of your comfort zone and make things happen. You will never know what interesting and inspiring people you will meet along the way. Children can interact with other children at their age in the neighborhood or even around the world. Gap year programs in Israel can be an exciting new way to engage with other Jewish children from all over the world.

Learn a new language

Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Hebrew, and the like, can all be learned. Take some lessons. It will be fun, not to mention beneficial.

Travel abroad

What better way is there to broaden your horizons than traveling the world we live in? Visiting a foreign country, meeting new people, discovering new cultures – it is the ultimate mind opener. Children and youngsters can do it, too. For example, check out summer programs in Israel for teens!

Summer is here! Seize this opportunity with both hands and expand your horizons!

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