6 Tips for Our Summer Camp Beginners Just Before Camp Starts

It is only a matter of days before your Israeli summer camp social experience kicks off, and spirits are high as this will be an adventure to be remembered for years. For those of you who are about to experience this high voltage atmosphere for the first time.

here are some important tips to start off your summer camp on the right foot!

It`s Going to Be a Heck of a Ride

There’s no doubt about it – this unique experience will envelop you from the moment you set foot in our international summer camp. The amount of new people you’re about to meet, the new potential friends, the fun, the learning, and the great activities you’re about to experience with people from all over the world – amount to an experience that exceeds anything you might imagine.
How`s that? Well, imagine yourself with a lot of smart, interesting, and unique people, all gathered together in an intense social and active frame of cooperation and fun experiences. What comes out of such an environment? Correct – a wonderful time of creating strong, friendly connections that are sure to last for many years to come. This brand new circle of friends will serve as the foundation of your future professional network that will most likely provide you with exciting opportunities to be involved in interesting, innovative projects, paving your way to future success.
When good social connections are entwined with potential professional prospects this early on in life – the sky is the limit!

Say “See You Later Cell Phone!”

True, our smartphones have become as important as our right hand since they came out to the market, but in BIG IDEA`s summer camp the kids are separated from their electronic friends throughout the camp. We speak from past experience when we say that putting some distance between you and your e-friend is a lot easier than you might think. How can we be so sure? Because we know that you will be so busy from sunup to sundown with stimulating activities and creation of long-lasting friendships that will positively affect your personal and professional future.
In order to get a sense of how it`s like to concentrate in the camp`s contents without having the distraction of a noisy cellphone, you can, of course, talk to our graduates from earlier years, who regard this principle as an empowering and integral part of the whole experience.

Get Ready to be Surprised

Who doesn`t like surprises? And that`s exactly the time to emphasize the constant element that’s part of our international summer camp, day by day. We have a saying in the camp – “Every day at BIG IDEA camp is a special day”, and what is so special about this day? That`s the question you’ll get an enjoying, value-adding answer for, each and every day at the camp.
So what`s in the goodie bag? Talent show, refreshing pool activities, BBQ and pool party and amazing bonfire, crazy sport tournaments, and a whole lot more creative workshops and thought stimulating fun-filled time. When each day brings a new surprise full of activities, you get all you need for your body, mind, and soul. After all, we make unique experience our mark.

Be Independent – or, How Not to Get Homesick

Of course you might miss your home, but, as the camp days are packed with fun, active programs – your heart and mind will be occupied with other thoughts. It is of course recommended that you contact past participants who will assist you in understanding more fully what to expect at camp and how to cope with homesickness.
We are sure the expectations and excitement will rise far above any fear for that matter. In addition to that, you can also bring some family and pets photos with you to spread around your camp dorm so you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Think Big – Plan Your Personal Project

As you already know, part of our technological camp activities is to create a personal project of your own during a workshop of your choice. The choices are many and exciting to pick from, such as printing jewelry that you have personally designed in a 3-dimension design program or develop an original computer game. You can take the time before the camp starts and come up with interesting ideas for possible projects. Can`t think of an idea for a project in advance? That`s OK, the camp`s instructors will happily assist you to find something cool and original. The options are countless, like creating a YouTube video to produce in the camp, or making a presentation for your first Start-Up.

Don`t Forget the Camera

This is the most valuable technological item that will accompany you during our international summer camp, which would document all of the wonderful experiences you are about to have.
All that`s left to do is practice that smile!

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