7 Important Tips for Packing a Suitcase for a Summer Camp in Israel

The summer is already pounding on our door, and the application forms of our kids` to the summer camp in Israel have already been signed, sealed, and delivered. One of the most exciting things on our checklist prior to going on a long trip, especially abroad- is the suitcase packing issue. As getting ready for our trip is an exciting step on its own, it is still a step to be focused on during the process itself, and one that should warrant significant attention. Why? Because the packed items will be the only possessions our kids will have during their stay at the camp, and you’ll want them to fully enjoy the entire Israeli summer camp experience.

So let`s go through the 7 main tips and pointers, before we zip up the suitcase, to enable an easy and efficient, yet thorough packing process.

Perfumery, Hygiene, Clothes, and All That Jazz

When preparing for any kind of trip and standing in front of that empty suitcase, first, we must pack the basics and the essentials, in order to allow for daily convenience and of course – hygiene. These include shower items, shaving gear, and cosmetics, for example.
Besides that, we must put sufficient amounts of clothes, including underwear and comfortable shoes, to be of use throughout the camp days. It is better to take a few extra items, just in case. For those of you who haven`t had the chance to visit the promised land just yet, you must be fully aware that Israel is a hot and humid country, therefore choosing the matching clothes is critical to your kids` enjoyment.
It is not enough to pack only short sleeved clothes, but it is also important that they will be made of light and breathing fabric. Also keep in mind that the combination of hot climate together with the various activities a summer camp in Israel offers, requires a more often change of clothes than during everyday routine.

Music Isn`t Everything in Life, But Better Pack That Guitar!

Music undoubtedly plays a huge part in our lives, as it turns every experience into a more emotional one, especially the kind of experience that happens away from home. As part of our interactive, social summer camp activities, we also have talent shows, and what talent we discover… here your children can reveal their musical talents and become a dominant part of an exciting and unifying experience.
Those of you who play an instrument or maybe work out their vocal cords in singing, must know how satisfying and enriching such an experience is. Your kids will be able to get the attention of everyone in the room and create a self-empowering moment.

Memories for Life!

The experience of a summer camp, let alone in a startup nation such as Israel, can be a lifelong memory that will last for your children`s entire life, one they’d like to share with friends and family. Keeping all those great memories in mind isn’t enough. That is exactly why your kid must pack a good camera, to collect all these wonderful experiences – with high end resolution. They would want to remember these smiling faces for years to come. Keep in mind not to pack an expensive device, as this is a trip away from home after all, and sometimes items get lost.

Electronic Devices – Keep It Low

Our children are used to being surrounded by technological items in their everyday lives like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. But, it is important to realize that those items can get damaged or lost, and that would be a shame. Remember that during camp time, your children can`t use their cellphones, as they are safely kept by the camp’s management all through the camp. That is another reason not to pack such devices, except for a camera, obviously.

Wear Sunblock (You’re Still in the Same Atmosphere)

The Israeli sun can be pleasant and warm, but also heavy and scorching. It is important to bring along a good sunblock lotion, as well as sunglasses to efficiently protect your kids` eyes and skin.

Mosquito Bites – Not in Our School

Summer, heat, humidity – all encourage our stingy friends to land on your children`s skin without mercy. We prefer that your children will be able to concentrate on developing and socializing on their summer camp experience in Israel, rather than ferreting about itchy bites, so sunblock is a must.

Welcoming the Sabbath – Festive Clothing

That`s right, our camp mainly deals with advanced technology and startup initiatives, but alongside these foundations there’s another – Jewish tradition. That is why we, at Big Idea Summer Camps in Israel, welcome the Sabbath with a celebration of joy and festivity, as each participant wears a white shirt and a pair of long jeans. When the setting is the sacred land of Israel, this tradition gets an intense meaning that leaves no one indifferent.

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