A Sincere Thank you

Dear BIG IDEA families,
It’s been so long since we met last summer, and we miss our campers so much!

We are happy to share the new brochure for summer 2019 with you! Don’t keep it to yourself, share it with friends and bring them to camp with you!

In a survey you took after the summer, we wanted to learn what was the most meaningful effects your child got from BIG IDEA and that stayed with them when they got back home. This is what you told us:

1. My child came back home happy – 90% highly agreed.

2. My child feels belong to the camp community and felt free to be themselves – 80% said yes!

3. My child made new social connections – 80% feel happy about this.

4. My child was empowered, with a higher perception of competence – 70% loved that influence.

What’s new at BIG IDEA 2019?

We have new workshops:

  • Architecture – Get professional and design 3D structures
  • BIG News Team – Work together to produce an online news site.
  • Capoeira – Be active with acrobatics, dance, and music.
  • Escape Box – Solve sophisticated riddles and create interesting puzzles.
  • Plus, we upgraded some of our loved workshops like Drone lab, Maker’s Lab and Minecraft gaming.

There’s a new Parents’ App- This summer it will be easier to stay connected before and during camp.

We also took into consideration your feedback and made some changes in camp:

  • We are improving the dining hall services – The Meir Shfeya kitchen is going to be under new management, and we are making changes to the menu in order to bring higher standards to the dining experience at camp.
  • We are bettering the cleanups before camp – a professional cleaning team will be preparing the rooms before each session, and there will also be improvements in the area of pest control, maintenance and general cleaning.

We’re proud to tell you about 2 growing projects that we’ve been working on:

  • BIG IDEA Gap Year in Israel– An in-depth Masa program for high school graduates who seek to combine hi-tech training and internships in startups, with an exciting experience in Israel. It is exciting to see our camp alumni coming back to Israel as they continue to design their future.
  • BIG IDEA Israeli tech day camps in local JCC’s – Bringing the Israeli innovation, spirit, and creativity to 8 locations. Among our partners are JCCs in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington DC, Huston and more.


On a more personal note,
We wanted to thank you for the trust and faith that you give us. We promise to continue providing you with the best summer experience in Israel >>



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