“And how did you spend your summer? I learned to code!”

Warm weather, warm people, beaches, and even more – in recent years Israel has become famous for its great high-tech achievements. This small country in the Middle East is emerging as a powerful player in the tech industry (did anyone say start-up nation?) leading to countless opportunities to grow, develop and learn the skills of the future that will change the world. Where does it all begin? In the summer camps of course! 🙂

Summer camp is not just an experience of camping, scouting, and bonfires. I mean, it is – but it’s so much more than that! Summer camps are a place for children with a passion for technology to learn and develop their skills in the field they love so much, alongside lots of Israeli children in the land of the start-up nation.

Why is it important? The demand in the high-tech industry is only growing. Around the world, engineers, developers, programmers, scientists, and more are becoming sought-after professions in the international job market. And this trend is only growing and expanding.

Already today we can see many children who are attracted to the fields of technology and IT. Studies have shown that IT is the #1 field in which K-12 students want to enter, leaving medicine, art, and science in the dust. Students today love to code, develop applications and learn how to automate routine processes, hence the need for proper technological education at a young age to properly enhance their skills.

In addition, developing technological skills such as programming enriches your children’s toolbox with new skills, including analytical and logical thinking, time and task management, negotiation, public speaking, and teamwork. Above all that, in order to become a professional with a quality salary today, you no longer need years of experience and a fancy college degree. Quite a few children under the age of 16 have already become superstars in the tech world – and this trend is only growing.

Enhancing these skills also solves a classic problem the modern parent faces today – we are of course talking about children spending countless hours in front of their screens. Through various courses at summer camps, children learn to create games instead of playing them. Through their favorite games like Minecraft for example, they learn about algorithms and loops, create logical processes, and even design and revive their favorite video game characters – a powerful and educational experience that gives them countless new tools.

מדריך קייטנת טכנולוגיה ביג איידיה מסביר

So yes, at summer camp your kids will make new friends, play, have fun, but they will also develop a variety of technological capabilities that will make them the adults who will shape our future. This summer it all starts again 🙂

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