Chicago – Meet Your Israeli Counselors For Summer 2018

The most enthusiastic group of Israelis are going to Chicago this summer and we want you to be the first to meet them. We are talking of course about the Israeli camp counselors (Shlichim) coming to JCC Chicago Northbrook camp this summer.

This Mishlachat (Delegation) are on their way to be counselors at BIG IDEA camp in JCC Chicago. They will lead technology workshops and spread a lot of Israeli spirit in BIG IDEA camp. Together with a local team, they are going to lead the campers in 13 new and innovative tech workshops. How exciting!

Meet the Israelis coming this summer to camp:

Meet Ofir,

22 years old from Kiryat Bialik

My Workshops:

DJ and Gaming lab

What Am I Bringing With Me To Camp?

I am bringing a lot of passion to Israel and I am looking forward to making strong connections with the Chicago Jewish community.

What Are You Most Excited For?

By the end of summer, I want to see that each camper in my DJ workshop will become a music producer.

Meet Lya,

From Benei Aysh

My Workshops:

3D Modeling, Lego Robotics and Fashion Design

What Am I Bringing With Me To Camp?

Joy, happiness, enthusiasm. My Israeli culture – I’m hoping you’ll accept me with my Yemen flair!

What Are You Most Excited For?

I can’t wait to meet all the campers! It’s my first time in USA, I can’t wait to be in the camp, It’s going to be a new adventure for me, hopefully the best one I had so far in life.

I’m very excited to see all the amazing projects the campers will create at camp.

Meet Michael

21 years old from Petah Tikva

My Workshops:

Cyber security, Mobile app dev, Coding

What Are You Most Excited For?

The kids, we’re going to do a lot of Israeli activities with my campers – Israeli games, Israeli songs, Israeli holidays. In cyber security workshop we’re gonna learn about networks, cyber defence and attacks. I’m so excited to stay with an american family.


Meet Shay,

From Petah Tikva.

My Workshops:

Programming, web design and mobile app development.

What Am I Bringing With Me To Camp?

A lot of enthusiasm and good spirit! I think that it’s an important character a great counselor must have.

What Are You Most Excited For?

I really look forward to getting to know the campers! I can’t wait for the first time one of my campers will suddenly realize their passion for the workshop, and wear a big smile on their face. This will make me so happy!


Meet Shaham,

25 years old from Mazkeret Batya.

Shaham is the workshop coordinator at camp, which means he’s in charge of all the workshops!

What Am I Bringing With Me To Camp?

The camp spirit! Cheers, dancing, good vibes and high energy.

I’m also bringing with me 4 years of experience in technological education with BIG IDEA summer camps. I believe that BIG IDEA camps can affect children’s learning skills, increase their motivation to discover, develop creativity and therefore – their future.

What Are You Most Excited For?

I’m always excited to meet the new campers on their first day of camp, I want to make sure they are having the time of their lives. I’m also very excited about the nature surrounding the area and I’m looking forward to exploring it!

BIG IDEA camp in JCC Chcago is the ultimate summer experience for creative tweens and teens. We empower campers to explore, learn, engage and achieve and our Israeli camp Shlichim will guide our campers in this path.

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