Don’t be surprised! Israel camp works wonder on kids and teens

It’s amazing to see how aware children are with the progress they make at camp. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s so much more: they become independent, mature, and develop their personality. When you turn all of that into an Israel camp experience, the effect is even bigger.

Summer vacation has an endless range of opportunities for kids and teens to explore new worlds and gain life changing experiences. What is the best experience kids can get from their time at camp?

Personal development at the right environment

“My best experience at camp is the independence”, tell us Hagai who spent his summer at BIG IDEA Israel camp.

“When you get dressed on your own, shower on your own and don’t have parents around to support you – you improve your independence and self-esteem”. The counselors at camp encourage the campers to experience things on their own in a safe environment – this way they get to upgrade their personal skills.

“In one of my tech workshops, I managed to do something on my own and it turned out great”. When a young child get skills to handle daily challenges – he get a boost to his sense of achievement.

Stuff that happens only at an Israel camp

Due to the unique nature of summer camp in Israel, certain experiences and activities quickly become sweet memories for campers. These memories are the main reason kids want to come back to Israel and camp year after year.

Participants of the C.I.T. program (Counselor In Training), get to create many of these memories during the summer. One evening, they even get to “break” the daily schedule and spend an evening in the nearby town of Zichron Ya’akov. They enjoy a night of fun and deep personal connections.

Discover new fields of interest

The technology workshops at BIG IDEA Israel camp draw many curious kids and teens who are interested in tech and computers. This is the perfect opportunity to get your first step into the world of computers, coding, photography, music and robotics.

We asked Rachel from New York what was her favorite part at camp: “At the workshops I learned a lot about myself, and how to work with other people. I got to explore new fields of interest and learned about myself that I really like photography! This is a great way to discover my passion.”

Leave your phone at home – make a new friend

There is no wonder that the main reason teens are coming back to the Israel camp is the connections they create during the summer. At BIG IDEA camp, the cell phones are left at the gate and the new environment is where campers get to create the deepest connections.

“My best time at BIG IDEA camp in Israel is when i hung out with friends. I got to know them in a unique way. We went through so many experience and we did it together. It got us all connected like one big family.”

Or, as Ali the counselor said: “It’s amazing how fast you can become someone’s best friend!”

You don’t need a lot of reasons to fall in love with the world of Israel camp. It turns summer into an amazing time, mixing fun with a positive learning experience and boosting the child’s personal development!

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