How Can Your Child be a Part of the Start-Up World of the Future?

The modern world we all live in is becoming increasingly technology driven by the minute. Not only that, but it’s also becoming more and more global, relying on interpersonal cooperation through international social ventures. When it comes to creating your own future, creativity is of the essence.

What better place is there to foster your creativity than in an enjoyable summer camp in the start-up nation of the world?

First of all, let us talk about the concept of Israel as a start-up nation, and why introducing it to your child can become one of the greatest advantages they’ll ever enjoy. As you probably know, Israel is not only sun and beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy great weather and tons of attractions as a tourist, but it is one of the top ranked countries in the world serving as a greenhouse for entrepreneurs and start-ups who launch their companies and products right here, between the shores of Tel Aviv and the mountains of Jerusalem.

It Starts with Perspective

A country doesn’t simply become a start-up nation out of thin air, oh, not at all. One of the main reasons so many technological ventures are born here, has to do with the fact that the Israeli culture is one that combines curious minds and research driven attitude. It starts with thinking out of the box, and sometimes not even acknowledging there is a box to begin with, both as individuals and as a collective society, in the journey towards development and progress both within and beyond geographic boundaries.

There is no doubt in our minds that this kind of thinking and manner of social behavior is, well- contagious. Moreover, when there are certain organizations designed to expose your child as an individual from a foreign country to this environment of entrepreneurship, it’s a big push forward towards raising your child to establish a positive and productive way of thinking of their own.

Start-Up 101

BIG IDEA`s tech summer camps in Israel are founded and structured upon the realization that Israel is a technological force to be reckoned with, and that we can share our knowledge and innovative thinking in order to nurture a vital, cooperating, international society that combines kids and teens from all over the globe in the joint effort of development and technological progress.

When you wrap your head around it, it’s also quite obvious why: Israel is a small country with very little natural resources. That fact alone encourages minds here to get inspired and invent new ways to cope with the dynamic reality, and to constantly push the boundaries.

More than that, it is well known that our national security situation isn`t simple, which also greatly affects the creativity factor that drives this nation to create new tools and facilities to improve our state of being. That doesn`t end, of course, only with security issues, but expands to many more life-changing fields such as agriculture, science, and medicine.

To top it all, as is well known, Israelis are endowed with that unique “Hutspa” that is known to keep us moving ahead, in spite of difficulties.

A Whole Lot of Activity and Creativity

Tech summer camps in Israel open a whole range of diverse and interesting activities for your child, which grant them not only the technical knowledge of how things work, but also the curiosity to explore beyond that knowledge, alongside the unique opportunity to socialize and network with a vast circle of other young bright minds, who are already realizing their potential as entrepreneurs and start-up owners.

This potent encounter becomes solid ground for your kid and allows them to make their first steps in technology and business. Remember, the founders of giants like Waze and the PillCam also started somewhere. It just happened to be here, in Israel.

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