Make The Most Out Of Your Visit To Israel

If you are already coming to Israel for a summer camp – That’s great! It would be the best summer you can have. But, there are some additions you can make in order to make the most out of your visit to Israel. Since you’re traveling all this way for a visit in such a special country, why not make it extra special? And what better way to explore Israel than with your summer camp buddies? BIG IDEA offers a trip between sessions, and here are a few reasons why you should stick around for a while longer and have the best Israeli summer.

  • Explore Israel – Israel is a beautiful country to explore. Many extraordinary sights to see, a lot of fun attractions and great food galore. The BIG IDEA trip will take you to the country’s gorgeous beaches. Enjoy Israel’s vibrant beach cities, such as Tel-Aviv, Jaffa and Akko. Fun adventures include snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. Bath in the sun while lying on the soft sand of the beach and breath in the fresh air from the top of Mount Carmel.

  • Same Friends, Different Environment – In camp we meet a lot of new friends, sometimes the best friends. These friends are those who will join us on the trips around Israel. More than that, guiding these trips are the same counselors from camp! It makes the trip less stressful and more enjoyable, having familiar faces around you. This is a unique chance to have a tour of the country with people whom you love and with guides you know. BIG IDEA counselors will show you more than just the regular tourist sights and can give you an authentic Israeli experience.

  • A Chance To Say Goodbye – Saying goodbye to summer school friends is hard, the departing from camp and heading back to the airport. Joining the BIG IDEA trips before and after the session gives you a chance to have an awesome way to say goodbye and a really fun last time with your best camp buddies before heading back home.

  • Easiest Way To Get Around Israel – The trips before and after sessions are organized the whole way through – from accommodations and meals to site entry fees and rides. No Need to worry about a thing, these trips are all planned out to maximize the joy of exploring Israel. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Not every day do we get a chance to see Israel’s most beautiful places. The summer camp experience is great and we offer you to make that experience into amazing! So make the most out of your trip to Israel and sign up for our BIG IDEA Israel Trips.

Click here for more info about the trips before and after sessions.

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