Meet the BIG IDEA Shlichim (Israeli counselors)

Meet Bar and Waleed, the 2 new Israeli Shlichim coming this summer to bring Israeli innovation and tech to Sprout Brooklyn STEM in partnership with BIG IDEA.

This is going to be a very creative and innovative summer at camp. You don’t have to wait until they arrive in July – you can read about how excited they are here:

Meet Bar Bechor,
From Herzliya.
My Workshops: Lego Robotics and 3D Modeling.
What am I bringing with me to camp? A lot of Israeli spirit, a lot of joy and all the crazy hats you can think of!
What am I most excited about? Meeting all the crazy and funny campers and having a lot of fun!


Meet Waleed Farhat,
From Buq’ata.
My Workshops: Video editing and Gaming lab – where you will create computer games
What am I bringing with me to camp? A lot of energy and motivation!
What am I most excited about? It’s going to be my first time in the US, so I’m very excited to see the camp, campers, and life in the US.


Visiting Israel this summer? You can create, grow and make friends at BIG IDEA international summer camp in Israel >>

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