Our Counselors Are Coming From All Over The World To Meet You

Summer is so close we can already imagine our summer camp come alive: Fascinating workshops in the labs, laughter at the dining room, whispers in the dorms, cheers in the UN area.

BIG IDEA’s wonderful counselor are our pride and joy! Not only our campers travel from all over the world to camp – our counselors come from Israel, USA, Australia and more!

In 3 weeks you’ll get to meet them personally, till then – continue reading to get to know our staff –


My name is Roee, I’m 23 from Israel, and I’ll be leading the Film Production workshops. I love movies and I learned a lot by watching them and making my own movies with friends!

By the way, it’s about to be my 6th year in BIG IDEA summer camp! 4 of them as a counselor!

My name is Kathryn, but my friends call me Kate 🙂

I’m originally from the Philippines, but I live in Rome, Italy.

I’m 25 years old (just turned 25 yesterday!)

I’m leading the Photography Workshop and I gained my knowledge from University 🙂

I’m super excited to meet everyone and share my passion and knowledge in photography 🙂 and of course to have fun while doing it!


My name is Samuel, I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’m 18 years old.

I’m leading unplugged, I coached soccer for a few years and have been a madrich on several camps!

I have never been to BIG IDEA before, so it’s all very exciting for me ?

I’m most excited to see the campers have fun in a camp environment, where they are far from their parents and enjoying the freedom to just be kids ?


My name is Kineret, from Israel,

I’m 18.5 and I’ll be your wave surfing workshop counselor this summer.

I used to be a camper at BIG IDEA for 2 summers, and last summer I became a counselor!

This year I’m returning as a counselor once again.

I’m very excited to meet people from all over the world, practice my English as always, have fun with all the camper and the staff, but most of all I’m very excited to dance the ‘Ziben Ziben’

I’m really excited to meet my friends from previous years, make some new friends, feel the vibe and get into the camp mood! ?


My name is Elisheva and I’m 20 years old from Herzliya, Israel.

I’m leading the Judo (martial art) workshop this summer. I have been practicing Judo for the last 14 years, And I have been instructing it too since I got my qualification from Wingate institute.

This is my first year at BIG IDEA camp! I love the camp atmosphere and experience, and I’m excited to meet new people and help others love camp as much I do!


I’m Liat, I’m 23 years old from Israel, and I’ll be your counselor for graphic design beginners which is basically Photoshop. When I’m not at camp, I study art and I’m also a graphic designer.

We’re gonna have so much fun at camp! We’ll create photo manipulations, we can make fantasy look like reality and make it come to life, design personal photos, posters, movies & fan art, and basically any crazy idea you want to create with photoshop. It’s about to be my second summer camp as a counselor in BIG IDEA! So I’m very excited to meet all the returning campers and to get to know the new campers! Because it’s all about you guys – you make the summer what it is ?


My name is Dana, I’m 18 from Israel!

I will lead many workshops at camp – Graphic design, gaming lab and photography. I learned a lot about these workshops at camp, as a camper, and I continued to learn outside camp in external courses.

As I said, I used to be a camper for 2 summers! Last summer I became a Junior Counselor at BIG IDEA, so this is about to be my 4th year at camp…

I excited to go back to camp, meet my old friends, make new friends and gain new experiences!


My name is Hila, I’m 18 from Israel, and this is about to be my 6th summer in BIG IDEA!

I’ll be your counselor in the unplugged workshops and I have so many ideas for things to do with the campers.

I can’t wait to dance with you Bubble It and Macarena!
See you soon ??


My name is Leah, I’m turning 19 soon and I’m from Australia!

I began scouts in Australia when I was 10, so it seems natural that I’ll be leading the unplugged workshop ?

I have been on many summer camps before, but never on a tech camp like BIG IDEA. I’m excited to meet new people and gain more experiences!

Hi ??!

My name is Keren and I am 20 years old! I was born in Israel, and when I turned 9 i moved to America where I have lived since. I will be leading the Youtube Basics workshop ??. At camp the campers will make their own youtube account and an exciting new Youtube Video! This is my 1st year at BIG IDEA but I have been a camp counselor for 4 summers! I am most excited to meet all the campers so that we can start this awesome summer! ????

My name is Maayan Shain, I’m 19 years old from Rishon Lezion!

I’m leading the Hip Hop workshop. I’ve been dancing many dance styles for 12 years now, but my favorite is Hip Hop.

It’s my first time at BIG IDEA and I’m really excited to meet all the kids already, and enjoy our time together 🙂


So I’m Arielle, I’m 22 y.o from Paris! I’ll be leading web design and graphic design workshops, since I study engineering.

It’s going to be my 4th summer at BIG IDEA camp in Israel and the thing I’m waiting for the most is the BIG Day

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