Take a Tour at BIG IDEA’s Mini Camp in Neve Hadassah!

A full Israeli camp experience in just 1 week: BIG IDEA Neve Hadassah in HaSharon, Israel, our beautiful new location is just 25 minutes north of Tel Aviv and has everything you can ask for in a summer camp. Campers will go through an empowering experience where they will create, grow and make friends from all over the world.
We went on a tour around camp during our last open house event, and we’re already dreaming about what would our summer camp in Israel will look like!

What Are The Dorms Like?

There are between 3 to 5 campers in each room and every dorm also has a staff room available for any need. Big and comfy, private shower and toilet and also an AC in the room – this is not your typical summer camp bunks!

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Where Do The Workshops Take Place?

BIG IDEA has advanced computer labs where you can create and design using the best equipment. Choose from 16 different workshops which is the one that will help you break new grounds and gain new skills.

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Where Do We Go When It Gets Too Warm? (Hint: pool)

When it is hot, like summers tend to be in Israel, we go to the magnificent swimming pool of Neve Hadassah village. Once a day you can get yourself cool and refreshed at the Unplugged time – daily sports and outdoor activities at camp.

What is the Dinning Hall like?

Every day, 3 main meals and 2 snacks are served. All food is certified Kosher  and extremely delicious!
Vegetarian meals can be requested on the registration form. If a special diet is required or if< your child has allergies to some foods, please let us know in advance, so we can get ready!

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And don’t forget to check out the view!

Let your child grow at BIG IDEA camp:

The place to meet new friends, gain new skills and have a long lasting experience.

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