Teen Trips to Israel or Israeli Summer Camp Experience

When you’re looking for a program that will give your teens a chance to visit Israel, you’re basically facing two options: sending your teens to an organized trip and sending them to one of BIG IDEA’s summer camps in Israel. But which option is the best one for you and for your child?

Learning OR Experiencing

There are many options for teen trips to Israel, offering visits to Israel’s best tourist attractions and historical highlights.

And while this option is the best if you’re looking for the classic tourist experience, choosing an Israeli camp would be best for those looking for a more hands-on, authentic experience.
In an all English Israeli camp, you’re teen will get to know the Israeli culture, make Israeli friends and build honest relationships not only with the Jewish friends around them, but with the country’s attitude and their Jewish identity.

Teen trip will take you to Masada, while at BIG IDEA camps you’re teen will explore the reasons Israel’s called the start-up nation.

After all has been said and done, your kid will have the chance to experience Israel not only as a tourist, but from an entirely exciting, new, different, and productive perspective.

An Israeli Summer Camp to Practice Your Skills

Another difference between an organized teen trip to Israel and BIG IDEA summer camps in Israel, is the fact that BIG IDEA summer camps offer the opportunity to gain new skills such as coding, video game designing, robotics, and even art and media – and practice them.
More than 30 workshops to choose from, discover their passions and develop their skills.
Who knows, maybe even make their first significant steps towards their future career.

BIG IDEA summer camps in Israel are more than just a trip to Israel, but rather a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Don’t wanna give up on visiting Israel’s best sites? Join BIG IDEA’s trip in between sessions!

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