Teens Explain Why BIG IDEA Israel is the Best Experience for Your Child

Considering what is the best way for your child to spend their summer? Those who benefited from the experience share their own story.

“I am grateful for the fact that BIG IDEA’s summer camp had helped me get to know new friends from all over the world, and had exposed me to a brand new world that I didn’t know at all – the world of technology”. Ayelet, Israel.

Such heartwarming sentiments are frequent when it comes to BIG IDEA’s summer camp in Israel. Ayelet’s response is one of many we hear from teenagers all over the world that participated in BIG IDEA’s summer camp. All of those campers had the wonderful experience of spending their summer in Israel, learning, forming relationships, and enjoying the variety of activities we offer. Ayelet is not the only one who mentioned the technological aspect of our camp – Stephone, from the US, said to us that:

“…the experience of participating in BIG IDEA’s summer camp had helped me discover not just a different country, but also a whole new world of technology”.

And that’s what we want to hear from you as well! BIG IDEA is an international, technology oriented summer camp, and we meet the highest standards to offer the best and the most fruitful experience for our campers. With our professional staff, the best facilities, the fun and inspiring workshops, the special atmosphere, and the best location, BIG IDEA wants you to come and be a part of our family.


30 Countries – 1 Experience

With campers from over 30 countries, including France, Spain, Turkey, and China, BIG IDEA summer camp in Israel became a platform that connects between friends from all over the world. Those friends come back every year to Israel, to enjoy once again the company of each other. Greta, from Italy, is about to arrive this summer to BIG IDEA for the third time. Greta told us how much she loves the environment of the camp, the people from all over the world, and the fun activities: “I love the camp so much, I think I’m the number 1 fan!” she said.

And that is the core of BIG IDEA’s summer camp. We want to build relationships and connections between those teenagers from all over the world. We want them to feel like the camp is truly their second home, and that the staff and campers are their second family.
Mika from Israel, also shared her experience and told us that during her summer in BIG IDEA she had made “…hundreds of friends – I formed friendships with people from Israel and from the other side of the world. I’m in touch with most of them until now. We skype and text. I’m so happy I went; it is probably the best thing I could have done. You get to do what you love with the people you love to be with”.


Write Your Own story

Our campers keep coming back to camp and to Israel because they love the experience and the process, and most of all, their new friends. Even though most of the campers, if not all of them, are scared to come for the first time, they all change their mind after the first day and get to fell right at home. Don’t worry if your child gets anxious or insecure regarding the issue. Here at BIG IDEA, they will quickly understand that they can meet their new best friend and foster a better version of themselves.

“Over the years, I met more and more friends. I think that my time at BIG IDEA made me the person I am today. I highly recommend the experience for every boy and girl”. Joel, USA.

Can anyone disagree?

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